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Just lost really

1 Feb 2018 22:15

My mum passed june 2017 i have 5 children and supportive partner but he doesnt have a clue how bad losing my mum affects me i dont have a dad my mum was my best friend i just feel scared all the time  very alone like im lone island or something i thrown myself into carrying on and mychildren but inside i just feel numb i get flashbacks of my mum in the end etc at the most random times just kills me all over again

Re: Just lost really

2 Feb 2018 05:13 in response to Michelle28

Hi Michelle 28 I’m sorry 2 read about mum . I can’t give any advice because my mother passed away 2/8/17 she had bowel cancer it didn’t hit me until after the funeral I think I was walking around in different world like it wasn’t happening . But now I’m total reck I just miss her so much  nothing seem real until I go up cemetery then it real if that makes sense. It’s so hard 2 explain how I’m feeling I 2 haven flash backs I can be anywhere and I’m seening everything what happened 2 my mother it’s not in my head I really can see what my mother went through I know this don’t make sense. My partner do say 2 me where u been because I drifts off I’m realiving what happen all time Sad sorry 4 rambling it’s so hard in it take care x 

Re: Just lost really

8 Feb 2018 14:13 in response to Michelle28

Hi Michelle28, I am so very sorry for your loss and your pain.

I lost my mum in October last year from lung cancer. I felt numb, and still do some days, lots of anger, and at the moment a huge sadness. I would describe grief as emotional chaos...

Like you, My Mum has left a huge gap in my life. The feeling of isolation can be unbearable even when there are people around me. Talking about it here has made a difference to me as I'm not great at expressing my feelings and I feel I can offload when it gets too much without feeling guilty. 

Thinking of you and sending you hugs.