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Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

2 Jul 2019 20:50 in response to Millie123_

Yes, very normal to have up days and down days.

I was very open with my friends about my diagnosis but that comes with a price - everyone is always texting to see how you’re doing and some days you just don’t want to talk about it, you just want to keep yourself to yourself.  Other days I could speak freely and even make “quips” (at my own expense). And all the time I just felt like “bring it on, let’s get it over with and then I can get back to normal”.  The new normal, of course.

The waiting is a total drag - 9 weeks for me, from finding “it” to the op, but looking back those weeks did just slip past - I feel like I lost a whole chunk of the summer this year!

Anyway I’m rambling .... my advice: be very kind to yourself, allow yourself to have up and down days but keep strong.  Eat nice food, have treats, see friends (only the good ones!) oh and REALLY important - get outside into nature every day with your daughter - park, garden, countryside, seaside, whatever you have handy. Keep busy. Be organised.  Make plans for when you have your op.  Fill your freezer with lovely, easy food, put clean sheets on your bed the day before you go in.  

You can beat this - you know? Xx

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

2 Jul 2019 21:10 in response to Ploppy

Hi Ploppy, thanks for the tip about the parking permit - I’ve got my first appointment with radiology through for 25th July so I’ve written a note on the letter to remind me to ask as my brain is like a sieve these days! I’m at Norwich Hospital - where are you?

Question: where your wound is healing (on your boob) do you get little stabbing pains or any other sensations? I’m not overly worried as I assume it’s just tissues knitting together but it does feel odd at times. My surgeon said she was going to “rearrange” some of my breast tissue so that I didn’t have an indentation where the cancer had been and I have to say that she’s done an amazing job - it looks like it did before!

Note to self: keep repeating “wonder drug, good for me, wonder drug, good for me ....”!!


Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

2 Jul 2019 21:23 in response to Millie123_

Hey there

Sympathise completely. I was just told on the 14th June the same thing. I'd initialy investigated a lump in October and December and they said it was nothing suspicious so I was in complete shock when on my third appointment when they once again said it wasn't looking suspicious that it was in fact confirmed as Breast Cancer. 

I had to have an MRI and they did find a little extra mass, but now they are doing a slightly more complicated operation, but at least it still all seems manageable. I'm 43, so a bit older than you, but mine is similar, grade 3 and hormone receptive. I feel much calmer about it now and am just enjoying the last few weeks of my daughters activities at school before my op.

L xx

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

2 Jul 2019 21:42 in response to NobbyWatts

Hi Nobby,

I’m in Bath, hospital is a 10 min drive so am so lucky, I know some people have to drive miles for their appointments.

Yes lots of strange sensations, sharp pains, shooting pains, quite numb, it is still blue from the dye as well, it’s not pretty but I am so grateful I didn’t have to lose it. My wound under my arm is the most painful, they found a rouge stitch in it last week which didn’t help but I find that one is really tender. 

The surgeons do amazing jobs don’t they, I can’t fault them. 


Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

7 Jul 2019 21:34 in response to Ploppy


jumping on here again, as struggling this evening. I feel very anxious tonight, keep thinking I can feel more lumps in my right breast and thinking the worst. Had MRI on Thursday and still waiting for more results since being diagnosed. I just really want to know what I am dealing with so I can focus on that. My breast also feels a bit sore now, prob because I keep feeling it. 

Did your ops happen very quickly after results? Also, going Thack to work on Tuesday as I need to carry on with life and find a new normal. Did anyone else take time off after being diagnosed. 

Any support would be appreciated xx


Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

7 Jul 2019 22:23 in response to Millie123_


You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel anxious now and then. 

I got my results on the Thursday and was told there and then that my surgery was booked for 2 weeks later. I went back to work but only for a week after being diagnosed because I work in a school and it was half term a week later. As soon as I was told what it was, what was happening and I had a date I can honestly say I feel much calmer. 

I’ve got my planning sessions for radiotherapy tomorrow, I’m more nervous about that to be honest. 

Big hugs x


Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

8 Jul 2019 10:43 in response to Millie123_

Hello again.  Perfectly normal to be feeling up and down - it can change hour by hour, let alone day to day!  

I had my MRI on 18th May, got the results on 23rd May and my op was booked for 14th June.  I could have had my op a week earlier on the 7th but I had a bonkers weekend planned which would have meant masses of reorganisation (I was away at a reunion which I was organising) and my consultant said that nothing was going to change for the worse in that week (or even a couple of weeks if necessary) so let’s stay with the 14th.

I found that very reassuring as I think a lot of us feel “I just want this thing gone”, I know I did. But once she said to me, have your reunion weekend, one week makes no difference (and anyway I couldn’t face telling everyone why I needed to reorganise!) I felt much calmer because there was a plan in place and I DID enjoy the reunion weekend, more to the point! Like you say, it’s the “new normal”!

Your breast can feel sore for a whole host of reasons, and yes it probably is because it’s been “manhandled” a bit lately plus also it could be down to your monthly cycle.  Don’t worry about that now, you’ll have your results and your plan soon.  

I don’t have a “proper” job anymore so can’t comment on the taking time off work, but I know that if I’d still been at my old job I would have been fitting in as much as I could do, partly to keep me distracted and partly not to inconvenience them! 

These days I run a little holiday let (and yes, I was changing beds the day AFTER my op, but with my husband’s help!) plus I do a bit of massage therapy (though not returned to that yet, though feel I could).

Keep us posted! Xx

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

8 Jul 2019 13:11 in response to Ploppy

Hi Ploppy, how did you get on with your radiotherapy planning? Please tell all! When do your sessions start?



Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

8 Jul 2019 13:20 in response to NobbyWatts

Thanks Ploppy and NobbyWatts for getting back to me. 

@NobbyWatts ‍ Well dome getting the op done and carrying on the day after changing beds! When do you start radiotherapy? Hope you are feeling better the op is out of the way and can now focus on the next bit. Out of interest what type of BC do you have? 

@Ploppy ‍ yes, keep us updated on radiotherapy and if you have any tips. I would like to work through this if I can  juggle the travel etc. 

Hoping I will get a call tomorrow morning to arrange appointment to go through all the results and receive op date. I will keep you posted xx

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

8 Jul 2019 13:24 in response to NobbyWatts


All good thanks, although the permanent mark they made in the middle of my chest is quite uncomfortable. 

I’m due to start on the 19th July for 15 sessions, although they said that the doctor may request 20 sessions but I won’t know till Wednesday. 

But all good, scan was ok and the people were lovely, as always. 

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

9 Jul 2019 08:27 in response to Millie123_

Hiya, I don’t have a date yet for my radiotherapy but I’m going on the 25th for the first consultation.  They’ve told me I’ll have 15 sessions which is pretty normal I think.  

I feel pretty good at the moment to be honest, and VERY lucky.  Not looking forward to the radio but hey-ho.  

My cancer WAS (notice use of past tense!) invasive lobular cancer (which I think might be one of the most common).  Remind me, what is yours? (Soon to be what WAS yours!) xx

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

12 Jul 2019 06:22 in response to NobbyWatts

Hi ladies, 

Happy Friday. I had my operation yesterday to remove  lump and lymph node, all happened pretty quick as I got a call on Tuesday to say there was a cancellation for Thursday which I could have so I went to clinic on Tuesday got my results and yesterday had it removed. 

Everything else looked clear on MRI, so that’s a good sign. Feeling ok post op at the moment, although woke up at 5am! My sleep is all over the place at the moment

More waiting now to find out results from op and what the follow up treatment plan is. Feeling much better the little ****** has been removed though, on to the next bit now! 

Did either of you have any genomic assay testing on your tissue? Mine BC at the moment is classed as Grade 2, ductal hormone receptive. But I understand you have more information post op about stage and diagnosis could change slightly..

I found a podcast recently called ‘you, me and the big C’ about Cancer and found it very helpful to listen to, normal ladies, all different stages talking about their cancer and all the different aspects in a honest, humanising way about the physical parts but also about the mental impact you experience at times. I thought I would share as it’s very interesting and might be of use. 

thanks for support keep us posted on your next treatment stages, any tips are appreciated xxx


Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

12 Jul 2019 08:12 in response to Millie123_

Yay!! Well done you!! 

Now take it easy for the next couple of days at least, but if you’re anything like me it won’t stop you from doing stuff anyway, albeit slowly and tentatively.  

You had/have a different BC to me, and as far as I know they didn’t do the genomic assay on my tissue.  I went back after 2 weeks and got the all-clear on both the margins and lymph node and I’m sure you will too.

My op was 4 weeks ago today and I’ve been completely back to normal for the last 2 weeks: driving, cycling, gardening, yoga, housework, etc.  

So, that’s the horrible bit over for you ... take it easy, sleep when you want to, eat what you feel like and don’t be surprised if you get all emotional in the next couple of days, it’s partly due to the anesthetic. 

Do you have pressure dressings on? They were the worst and most uncomfortable bit for me and when I removed them after 48 hours - ah, sweet relief!!

Lots of love xxx

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

12 Jul 2019 08:36 in response to Millie123_

Yay, bet you’re glad that’s over.

Do take it easy, I felt great the first week, did too much and had problems with my wounds so don’t push yourself.

I’m 6 weeks post op today and tamoxifen has taken hold in a bit way, feeling sick, upset tummy and so tired, still can’t complain.

look after yourself x

Just diagnosed at 34 with Breast Cancer

12 Jul 2019 08:44 in response to Ploppy

How long have you been on the tamoxifen now Ploppy?  I’ve just taken my fifth tablet. Sorry you’re feeling sick and poorly.  I wonder how long it will be before it settles down again - keep us informed!