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Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 07:24 in response to Davia

Thanks Davia. My parents are here which is a great help. On my way to get my drain removed now Happy

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 07:27 in response to Claire12

Good luck, that should feel so much better once it's out, xxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 09:57 in response to Davia

Hi Ladies,

Belindajane, I hope you're ok. Let us know how you get on.

Davia, what surgery are you having besides Lymph node removal? I'm sure you will feel better after surgery, it's easier mentally.

Claire, I'm glad you're feeling ok, I didn't have a drain. I'm getting better every day.

Mich, How are you coping with the chemo? Not long now till you finish.

Linda, how are you doing? What stage of your tratment plan are you at?

Have a great weekend,

Love to you all,

Sue xx


Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 17:09 in response to SueBea

Hey ladies,

Sorry for the delay been a strange week.  Hubbys hernia opp went well so been looking after him. poor guy they said it was quite a large hernia so had to open surgery not keyhole.  He's never had general anesethic so was rather groggy when he came around.  But all good now. I was emotional this week after the steriod low and morbid, urgh was horrible.  But did go for a long walk on my own along the beach and just took it all in.

Chemo done today whoop whoop!  Just 3 more now with combo next week.  I started with a new symtom this week, sore mouth.  Felt like my tongue was on fire!  The nurse has given me some gel solution to use and a rinse for my mouth and i know have Wilko kids tooth paste lol! Guess not too bad its started now with 3 to go!

So glad to hear you are managing ok Claire and lovely your parents are out there with you. 

I'll be having full node clearance on my left too.  Random question, if you have full node do they do the lumpactomy / masectomy the same time?

Good you have your date Davia, they seem to be working quite quickly with the opps so hopefully not long for me to wait.  I'll be having my LGFB workshop on that day, so will be thinking of you Happy

Linda you managing ok with the side affects?

Hey BelindaJane, let us know how you get on Happy

Hugs all around ladies!  Spoil yourself today.



Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 17:11 in response to Claire12

Good Luck Wagondriver, hope you get some results soooon!  Let us know if you want to chat or rant to us Breasties!  Hugs xx @Wagondriver ‍ 

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 17:15 in response to Thessa

Hey Thessa,

Ah thank you for letting me know. Yeah may be an option still for me as my ovarian reserve was good before chemo so will see.  I've been on zoladex every month.  At the moment im taking it one day at a time and trying not to worry about what is around the corner.

Hope your chemo is going ok, i had chemo this morning, Paclitaxel. I have it weekly and then every 3rd week they combine with carboplatin.  I have 3 more to go whoop whoop!  I have a port too, works well as my veins are sh** now they really struggle to get blood out of me as they are tiny!  Quite irconic only thing tiny about me being 5.10" haha!

I'll be having an opp and then radiotherapy so opposite to you.  Did you have lymph nodes taken out.

Hope its going ok today.

Hugs xxx


Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 19:59 in response to SueBea

Hi Ladies,

I had chemo number 4 today which was my 1st Doxetaxol, veins played up but i think its because i didnt drink much this am I had to be there at 8.30 so after a failed cannulation in my right hand the Picc lady came along with her scanner and found a vein in my left arm and hey presto it all went ahead with no reactions, now to see what side effects it will grace me with in the next few days!

Hope you are all doing well xx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 20:04 in response to Mich8

Had doxetaxol today Mich and feel ok as am full of steroids, hoping its king to me like Fec was, Glad hubbys op went ok x

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 23:05 in response to Mich8

Hi Mich 

Glad hubby is doing well, you have had your hands full, no wonder you felt low, hope your feeling OK now x 

I'm only having lymph nodes removed from left arm, all of them are coming out, I got a leaflet of what excersize to do, you start day after op, I think they do, lumpectomy/mastectomy at same time, I did hear of one lady where they removed her lymph nodes from the incision in her breast so she didn't have the wound under her arm,

My nutraphils were low after chemo, I started taking manuka honey last week and I think it's done the job, my nutraphils were 1.4 last Friday, and today they've gone up to 3.5, and all my other levels in blood have come back to normal, so if you need to boost blood get manuka honey, great stuff, I took three teaspoons a day and bought the really strong one from Holland _Barrett, it's expensive but if it works think it worth it

Hi Linda 

Glad chemo went well, hope the dosataxel is kind to you, during loads, I'm sure it helps with side effects. Only three to go, hang in there xx


Keep well ladies xxxxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

14 Feb 2020 23:19 in response to Davia

Davia you beat me to it. Manukau honey, great stuff! Mich when I started getting a sore tongue a spoonful of Manila honey a day sorted it out within about 3 days. I didn't take anything else for it.


Love to all x

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

15 Feb 2020 12:20 in response to Claire12

Hi Ladies, I've just read a really good article I found on another site, I can't cut and paste as it's a bit long, but you may find it useful. Google 

After the Treatment Finishes, Then what

By Dr Peter Harvey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

I found it really good and it explains a lot of feelings we have that others don't understand, or we feel guilty because we're not feeling the way we or others expect us to feel.

Keep safe today with this storm Dennis brewing xxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

15 Feb 2020 12:50 in response to Mich8

Mich,  I don’t know you but I know enough about cancer to know it’s a shock and feels ‘surreal’ for a long time. Like you I don’t feel ill at all. It’s crazy. 


Just wanted  to send yoy love/positive vibes and to know that within this diagnosis there’s room to rage against your lot. That’s normal and acceptable. Talk about it/ write about it. Get it out. 

Go well. This forum is great for hearing from others in a similar position. 

Big love, Kebb x 

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

16 Feb 2020 17:32 in response to Lindyluu

Hey Linda

I had the same with my pre assessments so early in the morn at 8am.  I drink loads before i go to bed, have water and squash when i wake up, do the flappy arms chicken dance and they still cant get to my veins!  Last week my assessment was later at 1020 and voila, she found it.  She did say it was tiny but no probs.

Hope the side affects are not too bad for you and you are relaxing this weekend.  Deff a day for recharging the batteries indoors eh!

Hey Davia, glad to hear you are managing ok .  How are the exercises going? Are you still going for blood tests?

Thanks ladies, i've heard manuka is good for you.  Going to order some now Happy  My mouth is feeling a lot better the past couple of days.  Stll bit of a nose bleed.

Ah thanks Davia I'll take a read.  Last week was rough, i felt so low but numb couldn't get past the foggy wall didn't want to talk, was so zombie and blue.  I was convinced my hubby wanted  to leave me and the cancer might as well reoccur now and get it over and done with.  so dont want to have those horrible feelings again this week. So taking one step at a time. 

Claire i'm doing the utube mediation videos too they help me relax and sleep, think i should do some during the day when i feel my mood changing lol!

How you feeling now Claire, hope you not in too much pain. 

Sue are you near Leigh on Sea?  I see there is a charity called The Bennos Boob Foundation and they do charity events and evenings raising funds for triple negative research. I found them on facebook, they are on instagram too and located in Essex. 

Happy Sunday vibes xxx



Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

16 Feb 2020 17:37 in response to kebb

Hey Kebb

I know, sure does mess with your head.  I was numb for ages when i was first diagnosed, kinda of like an out of body experience.  Now i'm on weekly taxol im feeling quite raw with the steroids high and low.  I'm not a moody person, im usually on an even keel so quite weird to be so low and all of the place.

But hey we are warriors and this is a major thing we are going through physicaly and mentally so there will be ups and downs.  I'm feeling ok this weekend and have identified with it so will go for a walk, rant, through my toys, or meditate tomorrow if i feel the blues fit in.

How are you doing?  Are you managing with treatment.  

Big hugs


Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

16 Feb 2020 17:45 in response to Mich8

Hi Mich,

I live in Leigh on Sea, small world! I'll look up the charity online. I too am feeling morbid and sorry for myself. I've worked myself up about the results the surgeon is giving me on Friday. I keep thinking that the cancer has spread and keep imagining lumps in other parts of my body. My husband doesn't understand and tells me I'm being stupid.

I hope you start feeling brighter soon, I think we all have bad days. Stay strong, we will fight this

Love and hugs,

Sue xxx