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Joint pain 6 months after mastectomy surgery

17 Sep 2021 19:27

Hi all, 

Please forgive me if this has already been posted about. Feel free to point me in the right direction. :) 

My mum had a single mastectomy with an immediate diep reconstrction on her right breast in April 2021 for widespread DCIS breast cancer and bar an upcoming reconstructive surgery this October has been recovering quite well, except for the past few weeks. She is now experiencing severe joint pain out of the blue. 

The pain is mainly in her left side down in her hips and knee joints. She has tingling in both arms and a loss of strength with paricular tingling occuring in her right fingertips. Has anyone experienced this and can offer any recommendations or advice? It's starting to affect her mood. 

Thanks so much in advance. I am sending my best wishes to all of you who have or who are currently fighting breast cancer. 

With love, 

B x

Joint pain 6 months after mastectomy surgery

18 Sep 2021 09:23 in response to Biblio578

Hello Biblio578

I'm sorry to hear that your Mum has recently started experiencing some joint pain. You don' mention if your Mum is taking any medication following her breast cancer diagnosis such as letrozole or anastrazole. If she is taking one of these kinds of medications it's possible that the problems you've described could be related to this as joint pain is a know side effect. 

However, it is important that your Mum speaks to her GP about the pain and discomfort she's started experiencing so they can rule out any other causes so do encourage her to give them a call next week. Hopefully, they will be able to give her some reassurance and help with ways to manage things. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator 

Joint pain 6 months after mastectomy surgery

18 Sep 2021 14:35 in response to Moderator Jenn

Hi there,

Thank you for your speedy reply. My mum isn't on any medication at the moment besides over the counter painkillers. The cancer was completely removed, (hoorah) and she had no invasive DCIS, so no specific medication post surgery was required. I understand women who've had this surgery can experience aches and pains, but I am a bit worried about it as it seems quite severe and occurs daily. :/


B xxx