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Is it Lymphoma??

4 May 2021 09:53

Hi, I'm a 26 year old female and I have been having lots of symptoms which I am now convincing myself is lymphoma. I have been feeling generally unwell for a while now. I am extremely exhausted every day, no matter how much sleep I have. I feel like there is something stuck in my throat, almost like a lump. I have frequent acid reflux and it's difficult to swallow food as I feel it going all the way down. I also have pains in my neck, specifically the front of my throat at the bottom. My jaw hurts and the sensation is now going down into my chest. My neck feels swollen but I cannot feel any specific lumps. I also have shooting pains in my arm pits. 

I have had excruciating back pain and migraines. Both of my knees are swollen and have a weird weak sensation in both knees/legs sometime with stabbing pains. I have had rashes on both arms which come and go, worse when I have a shower or bath. 

My boyfriends mum has recently overcame lymphoma which started with a pain in her knee. This has obviously put me in panic mode as I'm terrified that I have the same symptoms. 

I've had bloods done 2 months ago which were normal but scared doctors are missing something. I don't feel like I'm being taken seriously because of my age. 


Is it Lymphoma??

4 May 2021 10:49 in response to Gem1994


I have the exact same symptoms as you,

I hope you get some answers soon x