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Irregular vaginal bleeding after bowels / intercourse

14 Jan 2022 15:48

I have been having fresh vaginal bleeding after having a bowel motion and also fresh blood after intercourse. It is usually just when I wipe, I may have some spotting after this but majority of time is at the time of going to the toilet or straight after sex . Sometimes I could also have thick mucas red/brown discharge I have been also having pain in my lower abdomen. My gp has had to rewrite my referral as a locum consultant put me as routine instead of urgent so because of this delay i have to wait longer! Has anyone else been through this and results have been good? Smear test in Nov was negative but I know it's not 100% .

Irregular vaginal bleeding after bowels / intercourse

14 Jan 2022 16:52 in response to Blondie25

Hello Blondie25 and thanks for posting, 

I am sorry to learn that you are having unexplained symtpoms and that your referral has been delayed. 

Abnormal bleeding can have a number of causes as there are other explanations aside from cancer and a lot of people who are referred on with this sort of problem turn out to have something else the matter. But until you know what is going on, it can be worrying and of course it needs to be checked out.  

I am not sure what the GP or locum have already considered, swabs are often taken to rule out infection, and an internal examination to look at the cervix. Having a negative smear so recently is a good sign.

I don't know if anyone else will come along and post but even if they do, it might not tell you much as each situation can be different.

I hope this appointment comes through soon and it isn't too long before you know more.

If you want to talk anything over give us a ring. We are around weekdays, 9-5 and the number to call is 0808 800 4040.

Wishing you the best,