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Introducing myself, from the Throat Cancer Foundation

8 Mar 2018 20:00


My name is Gordon and I have just joined this forum.  I am representing a organisation called The Throat Cancer Foundation.  Out aim is to reduce the impact of throat cancers on individuals and wider society. There is lots more to say, but here to help and looking forward to meeting some of you.

Kind regards


Re: Introducing myself, from the Throat Cancer Foundation

8 Mar 2018 22:28 in response to Gordon_TCF

Hi Gordon.

Welcome aboard!


Re: Introducing myself, from the Throat Cancer Foundation

8 Mar 2018 23:45 in response to Gordon_TCF

Hi Gordon

welcome to the forum

so, I am now 3.5 years post treatment for throat cancer, can you tell me a little bit about the aims and purpose of the foundation, I’d be interested to know


Re: Introducing myself, from the Throat Cancer Foundation

9 Mar 2018 11:55 in response to Vatch


Thanks for the welcome. Firstly glad that you are so far down the line after your treatment. Great to hear and I hope you're doing well?

I have been brought on to raise the profile of the foundation as we are the stage of wanting to grow it, to help people like yourselves who have either been through throat cancer or who has been facing a throat cancer diagnosis and need support. That of course includes family, friends, carers who are supporting individuals as they go through as many questions and emotions too.

Its main aim is to offer support and ensure that the person has access to the most up to date information, the available treatments and what to expect in recovery.

We are also involved in spearheading a campaign to force the government to change its policy of the vaccination of boys to ensure that they are protected against HPV, a contributing factor in men going on to get some types of cancer, like throat. Currently the UK routinely offers girls from the age of 12 the vaccination, but not boys. There argument being that is not cost effective to vaccinate boy. We believe that this is wrong and that boys deserve the right to be protected too. We want to massively reduce the risk of if not eradicate conditions like throat cancer.

Hope this answers a little (tried to keep it high level just now) of what we do, but of course you can find out more on our website.

Kind regards, and nice to meet you.