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Inquest for Mesothelioma death

29 Feb 2016 08:25

My husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and died in January 2015.  Last week I was notified that the Coroner is now in a position to have an Inquest hearing  (the law requires this due to Mesothelioma being linked to industrial disease - usually asbestos linked).  Just wondered if anyone has been through the same as I feel a little out of my depth.  Thank you.  Jules54

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

2 Mar 2016 14:30 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

I hope you will meet others here who have experience of inquests into the death of a loved one, particularly from mesothelioma.

This must be a little stressful for you I guess it brings back a lot of memories so I just wanted to send you a virtual hug.

I hope everything will go well.


Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

2 Mar 2016 15:28 in response to Moderator Lucie

Thanks so much Lucie. It does re-open some memories that I thought I had 'dealt with' as am obviously been asked a variety of questions regarding his job history and where he thought he 'got if from'. I have been informed that I do not need to attend as there is  no dispute over cause of death but apparently they have to have an inquest due to it being an industrial disease. Not sure yet when the date will be set for but if a satisfacory conclusion is reached then I will be able to get the full death certificate which I suppose will legally mark the end of hubby's journey.  It just feel's rather weird .

Hope you are keeping okay and the driving is coming along well.  Jules x

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

2 Mar 2016 20:59 in response to jules54

It must indeed be a very weird feeling and a lot for you to have to deal with - both on a practical and emotional level. As for the driving, it's coming along... I am very stubborn I will persevere Happy

If I spot anyone on the forum talking about inquests, I will send them your way as I hope you get to talk to someone who has been through all this!


Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

2 Mar 2016 21:04 in response to Moderator Lucie

Cheers Lucie, much appreciated.

With true grit and determination you will get there with the driving I am sure.  Thanks again. Jules

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

3 Mar 2016 10:15 in response to jules54


Hi Jules - just came across your thread and am sorry to see that you and your famiily still have things to face. I understand the need for an inquest but it must be so very difficult to not be able to put these things behind you.  I presume that you have no idea when the inquest will be?

I know that you realise we are all here for you Jules, but lets hope the inquest is over soon and hubby can be remembered for the love and security that he brought to you and his children/grandchildren.  Take good care x

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

3 Mar 2016 12:59 in response to jules54

Hello Jules,

We just came across this and thought we'd let you know. Our science blog published this article  only a couple of days ago about a study shedding new light on asbestos-related cancer.

It's not really about inquests but more about mesothelioma research. I know how much you like reading and learning things!


Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

3 Mar 2016 15:04 in response to max56

Hi Max

Thank you for your support and kind words - you are really something else; I hope  you know thatHappy, Despite feeling decidedly grotty yourself here you are being nice to me - it brought me close to tears I can tell you.

I have only been told that the Coroner is close to arranging the inquest and they needed me to sign a form (as I am not required to attend) and also give them some background information which I have done.Now the waiting goes on, hey ho.

Your take good care of yourself .... no actually let others do that for you and hope you are more comfortable just now.  As always you are in my thoughts.  Bigs hugs sent your way.  Jules xx

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

3 Mar 2016 15:12 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi Lucie and thank you so much for the link. I have read the article and it would be wonderful if in the longer term others can benefit from this research. As with many cancers those that have lost the battle may in death be able to help the living -  that brings me some comfort. All the best. Jules x

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

8 Apr 2016 16:22 in response to jules54

  Hi all,

Can now update this thread.

Had a letter this morning confirming that Inquest was held on the 6th April and hubby's death confirmed as 'Industrial Disease'. I will now be able to apply for a full death certificate and can say 'officialdom issues' are now completed.  Strange, but difficult to put into words how I currently feel - suspect it is still sinking in that investigations are actually now closed some fifteen months after his death.

Best wishes to all.  Jules x


Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

8 Apr 2016 17:31 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

 I suspect you will be glad this is now over and done with when it has sunk in. It must have had an unsettling effect on you over the past few weeks.

Take care, best wishes, Brian.

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

9 Apr 2016 08:39 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian. Yes, waiting for fifteen months to have 'legal' confirmation of the official cause of death was somewhat unsettling for me and the children.  My daughter if hoping it will bring her some kind of full acceptance now that the paperwork will be finalised. Grief has it's own timeline and whilst we are all moving forward in our own ways every now and then there is an emotional reminder of a life lost and missed. Nevertheless we are blessed with many years of memories. Jules  

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

9 Apr 2016 14:35 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ......  I am so glad to read that another part of your journey can be put behind you - I am sure it has left you with ever more mixed emotions..

The weather is wet again here today - I had 15hrs sleep last night after missing out on sleeping the night before.  I feel great today thank goodness and our son has arrived for two days which is lovely.  We are taking the dogs to a show tomorrow where they play games (probably sit and tremble will be my dogs forte - whoose!!!!). 

Anyway, now off to shop - take care honey x

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

9 Apr 2016 16:04 in response to jules54

Hi Jules

This has been a very long wait for you and your family, I hope it brings some relief for you and that the information gained from the inquest may help others in some way. Kim

Re: Inquest for Mesothelioma death

9 Apr 2016 16:18 in response to kimchoson

Thanks Kim, whilst we had always known the cause of death to be Mesothelioma the coronor  who conducted the post mortem  and ultimately the inquest (which I did not need to attend) was to come to a decision as to whether it was definitely 'industrial disease'. Neither hubby's oncologist nor his GP could find any other reason for it and we had been led to believe that it was contact he had with asbestos brought into the house by his Father (who was in the building trade many years back)  that was the initial source of contact.

It would be comforting to think that through the findings linked to my hubby case,  other families in the future may benefit by new knowedge/understanding/research/prevention.  Jules x