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I’m 21 and found a lump in my right breast,

10 Oct 2019 23:16


ive tried to put this at the back of my mind but it’s really caught up with me now. So a few weeks ago I found a lump on my right breast, sort of on the inner corner underboob area. I always check my breast because I have a strong family history of breast cancer with my mum being diagnosed last year at under 50. 

I have gone to the docs and he didn’t examine me he took my word for it and sent an urgent referral.

i know all I can do is wait and go to my appointment at the breast clinic but I’m terrified. Does anyone’s have any experience of this? 


Thanks xxxx

I’m 21 and found a lump in my right breast,

11 Oct 2019 08:04 in response to Cupcakes321

Hi there ...

Please don't over think your refural ... they always err on the side of caution now ... 8.5 out of ten lumps are benign and in someone your age it is extremely rare ... not impossible... but the odds are really good on your being o.k ... 

They try to look at all lumps now on the two week refural .. that's normal .. and you know over the years my first four call backs from mamorgrams were all clear , I just had lumpy boobs ... so l know you'll feel a little scared ... we all are when waiting .. but hold on in there... and fingers crossed you'll get a good result .. let us know how you go ..   Chrissie x

I’m 21 and found a lump in my right breast,

24 Oct 2019 15:18 in response to Cupcakes321

Hey sweetie just read your post and was wondering how you got on? 
Big hugs 

I’m 21 and found a lump in my right breast,

4 Nov 2019 12:48 in response to Jess91

My daughter's case is at the MDT meeting today.  I feel sick!  This day is sooooo long.  She's feeling bleh today too, we are just trying to push it to the back of our minds.


Fingers crossed she gets a good result Happy