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I was exposed to asbestos was it long term

8 Sep 2020 23:07

Ok so I'm pretty worried I was exposed to asbestos for like 48 hours I broke some plaster bords there was no dust coming from them or anything but is this long term exposure or short term I didn't know what it was at the time but it was not for long I'm just wondering if I will have an early death I'm 16 so I'm scared and it happened over a few months 

I was exposed to asbestos was it long term

9 Sep 2020 16:48 in response to Jacobisdumb

Welcome to the forum Jacob although I'm sorry about what's troubling you.

Hopefully some of our members who have knowledge of this or have found themselves in a similar position will get back to you soon but if you're concerned it may be worth having a quick chat with your doctor as they'll be in the best position to help and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

I was exposed to asbestos was it long term

11 Sep 2020 18:29 in response to Jacobisdumb

I'm  not  an expert but I have worked in the building trade in the past,doing some fairly dusty  dirty jobs, I can't  remember  wearing  masks or anything when ripping  out old plasterboard, the only things  to bo a bit carefully with is old artex and pre 1960 paint which contains  lead,I have also worked as a mechanic in the past dealing with asbestos  brake and clutch linings again without masks and I'm  still here that was 30 plus years ago so dont fret too much ,just get checked out by the doc to put your mind at rest,all the best, Gtp.