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I miss my dad

21 Nov 2020 22:56

My dad died suddenly about two weeks ago, I have lost track of time. I just want my dad back. I loved him so much he was such a good soul. I was mean sometimes and said stuff in anger. Every morning my dad would ask to see my face and every night he would say come and watch TV with me. My dad was my biggest supporter, he gave me confidence and support. I don't know how to live without him. I miss his voice and his face. Not ever seeing my dad is killing me. He was a happy joyous person and he combed my hair two weeks before he died and said you will always know you were loved. When my dad died it happened in the space of 5 minutes and there was nothing I could do. I love my dad so much infinitely. He gave to 5 charities before he died and had packed his suitcase for holiday. I miss him.

I miss my dad

23 Nov 2020 05:57 in response to Zohra

My dad passed away a few months ago aswell in the space of about five minutes I got him ice cubes and some water and he was in bed then the next he was gone not ever seeing your dad is going to hurt and it will forever but sometimes you'll have the most beautiful dream about them and you're there with them again you get to hug and feel them for a moments time and you'll never want to leave but honestly that really helps just getting to hug them one last time.there's a thing many people do when grieving which is learn how to lucid dream as a way to just see loved ones one last time it can help but honestly.