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I may have Cervical cancer

7 Nov 2019 05:38

Hey I'm new to the forum so hello everyone.  Hope you can help me out and give me a little advice? 

I've been having some tests and procedures to see if I have cervical cancer as my doctor examined me and sent me fast tracked straight to gynecologist for biopsy etc. I've also just has an internal ultra sound.  Now I'm just waiting.  Any advice or anyone in similar situation and your your experience. Im thinking the worst as my gynecologist said after my  the colposcopy that by his observations it was worrying.  So now it's a waiting game. Help!!? 

I may have Cervical cancer

7 Nov 2019 08:16 in response to Kaytie

Hi I had a colposcopy yesterday as I have been bleeding irregularly and thought I was going through the change.

The nurse told me yesterday she thinks there cancerous and is going to try and get me straight in for an MRI and I've to go back next Thursday to see them again.

I've to wait for biopsy results but they seemed very concerned yesterday.

I went in thinking I was going through the change to be told I've possibly got cervical cancer.

They talked about hysterectomy and radiation.

I cried all afternoon and night I'm petrified.


I may have Cervical cancer

7 Nov 2019 19:44 in response to Umbrella71

Hi umbrella and Kaytie

Waiting for results is awful but there’s no getting away from it. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year so have been through the usual tests etc. If I can help you out with any questions, please let me know and I’ll try to help. xx

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 12:38 in response to Minska

Hi minska thank you for your reply.

Think I've spent 2 days in shock tbh crying stressed out but I feel a lot calmer today.  Had a goods night sleep think that helps.

Got to book an MRI and got to go back to hospital gyny dept I think to see them.

I probably got lots of questions but still a bit blank at the minute.  Just reading up on it on NHS and cancer sites.  

My only symptom is irregular bleeding that has started hapoehapp since around July just gone.  But the nurse who did the colpiscopy said she thinks there defo cancerous and have been there a while.

In my mind I feel there gonna say your stage 4 you've 2 months to live that's what going through my mind but that's the not knowing fear I think as no biopsy results or MRI done yet.

I'll let u know what happens from my appointment or any results I get.

Thank you it feels easier to talk to someone who's going through the same and has felt like I am right now.

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 14:09 in response to Umbrella71

Hi Umbrella

I know exactly how you feel...the fear and shock when you hear the word cancer. The not knowing is very hard to deal with...I went from assuming I would have cancer too advanced to treat, to thinking I could deal with it. Your mind goes all over the place, that’s a very natural reaction. 

I was diagnosed at stage 2b, so I wasn’t able to have a hysterectomy and did chemo and radiation. Did you have biopsies taken when you had the colposcopy? Next stage if a biopsy shows cancer is the mri to see exactly how big the tumour is and where it is located, and a ct scan to see if the cancer has spread. Mine was smaller than I thought it would be and it hadn’t I’d had given myself a lot of  unnecessary worry. 

However, you only have the opinion of a nurse at the moment, so it’s best to wait until the Gynae specialist confirms things. I really wish they wouldn’t speculate. Even my gynaecologist wasn’t prepared to speculate and only when the biopsies confirmed cancer did he tell me. 

It can help a lot to talk to people who have been there, done that, so I would advise you not to consult dr google but rely on real life experiences and reputable sites like this one and the nhs. 

I look forward to chatting, and hopefully being able to help you out where I can. xx

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 14:44 in response to Minska

Yes had biopsy done this wednesday just gone and I've to ring on Monday to book the MRI.  So yes it's the waiting game.

They mentioned hysterectomy radiation treatment I forget anything else as was gobsmacked.

I honestly thought I was going through the change with the bleeding.  It's my only symptom though so I'm praying it's gonna be caught in time but I won't know till I've got my results.  

Thanks for getting back to me it's really nice calming and helpful.

Thank you and I will let u know my outcome.

Julie xx

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 17:25 in response to Umbrella71

Once you get going with the scan and you get your results, it does get better in the sense that you start to get some control back and you know what you’re dealing with. If it’s early stage, then a radical hysterectomy may be the only treatment needed. Once you get to my stage at 2b, you cannot have a hysterectomy because the cancer is classed as “locally advanced” and growing into other tissues but still contained in the area. 

Standard treatment in that case is radiotherapy...typically around 25 sessions, going every weekday for 5 weeks, along with 5 sessions of chemotherapy, once a week. The chemotherapy is Cisplatin and is given in a low dose to assist with the radiation doing its job, and you don’t lose your hair! The final part of treatment is brachytherapy which is internal radiotherapy and that can be delivered in different ways depending on your hospital. 

It will have been caught in time to be treated, I’m sure! Cervical cancer is normally very slow growing and advanced cancer would have given you more symptoms. The treatment can be extremely effective, and when I was diagnosed, I held onto the fact that my gynaecologist told me he was treating to cure me. 

I would suggest that you take someone with you to appointments if you can, as you can miss a lot when they are giving you all the information. Another pair of ears is very useful I found. xx

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 17:38 in response to Umbrella71

Hi there! 

Thanks for response!  Looks like we are in the same boat! My gynecologist was very concerned too he said it worrying I had my biopsy on the 29th October and still waiting on results.  I had an internal ultrasound 2 days ago but she said the results for these come back quit quick!  I hope so. I have been up to daten with my smears and they have all been clear. Let's try and be strong together,  it is awful waiting but a lot can be done these days. Keep smiling msg me any time x

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 17:41 in response to Minska

Hi minska 

Thanks for the support!  Yeah it is scary but like you said no getting away from it. Just got to keep occupied.  I have a son to look after so he keeps me going .  What treatments have you had so far and what stage was you diagnosed with? 


I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 17:46 in response to Umbrella71

Aw don't think like that umbrella71!

All my symptoms were watery discharge,  back , stomach and leg pain soooo it may be bad but if it is just got to ft kn with it stay positive and talk to people.  I have a lot of family that supports me but none that's been through anything like this. Think my mum is worried more than I am! 


I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 17:56 in response to Minska

Thank you so much for all this information,  I think the next step for me will be mri as I had my biopsy with my colposcopy and just had an internal ultrasound. I feel a bit funny like , I am worried but not that worried I feel I should be more worried if you know what I mean. All I think about is my boy and that I will see him grow up get married have children etc! I'm lucky I have him my friend has no children and has just had all clear from breast cancer. She had to be put through th change poor lass. So I think myself lucky in that sense.  Do any of you 2 have children? 


I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 18:03 in response to Kaytie

Hi Katie 

Yes I have 5 kids 4 boys 1 girl aged between 20 the oldest and 9 the youngest.

I have only told my partner ste and my sister who lives in Aylesbury as her husband had stage 4 throat cancer about 3 years ago (he's ok now) so I knew she would understand how I was feeling.

Not said anything to the kids although I'm sure they've noticed the crying but I feel a lot better today it was more shock I think.

Minskas advice and knowledge today has been fantastic really glad I've met both off you xx julie

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 18:31 in response to Kaytie

Hi Kaytie

Nice to hear from you, and I’m sure you will both be great support for each other. I was diagnosed stage 2b in September last year so no hysterectomy. I was scheduled to have 5 chemo, 25 radiotherapy and then a long session of brachytherapy (internal radiation). In the end I only managed 4 chemotherapy as my blood counts dropped too far. I wasn’t able to have any internal radiation as I had a pulmonary embolism the night before I was due to go into hospital for it! This is not common at all...I was the exception to the rule! So I had extra radiotherapy, making 32 sessions in total. I started treatment on 1st November last year and finished on 24th December. 

I had a check up 6 weeks after treatment followed by an MRI at 3 months and was declared NED (no evidence of disease) at the beginning of April this year. I have 2 daughters...I thought of them all the time and kept a very positive attitude through treatment and I’m sure that helped! xx

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 18:48 in response to Minska

Thank you so much minska 

Everyone is different aren't they and respond different to different treatment I'm so happy you got that end result! I will keep you updated with my journey! 

Kaytie xx

I may have Cervical cancer

8 Nov 2019 20:51 in response to Kaytie

Thanks Katie...I wish you and Julie the best possible can both deal with whatever it is and you will be stronger than you realise. Keep in touch. xx