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Hysterectomy in my 20’s?

26 Nov 2022 12:44


I've just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and have been told to consider whether a ful hysterectomy is something I'd like to go ahead with. (this is presuming my MRI comes back showing there's been no further spread.)


I just wanted to hear from women who have made or also need to make this decision in their 20's and how you came to a decision? 

full disclosure: my cancer was diagnosed while pregnant so the hysterectomy would be performed at my c-section and I will have 1 child. 


Hysterectomy in my 20’s?

26 Nov 2022 15:54 in response to lozxmuz

Hey! I've just been diagnosed with clear cell carcinoma which means I will need to have a full hysterectomy. I'm 27, never had children and unfortunately it looks as if I will never be able to be. 
Myself and my wife were planning on having children next year but our plans have now changed. I think for me, it comes down to delaying treatment if I choose not to have this option. It's the hardest decision I have had to think about but trust your gut feeling and rely on your family and friends for support and advice.

Think about you as number one priority. That's my biggest bit of advice. I'm still awaiting my MRI and CT results so I hope yours are positive. Paige x 

Hysterectomy in my 20’s?

27 Nov 2022 10:42 in response to ILMGC02

Hi Paige, 

hope you're feeling okay after your diagnosis, I was only told on Wednesday too and I feel like I've had so many things from all of the serious to the most ridiculous rushing through my head since, so thinking of you. I'm so sorry to hear about your situation and know that I am lucky in a way to have the baby Im going to have.  

I'm also 27 and I'm really worried about the effects of having no hormones there for the rest of my life. I already had one ovary/tube removed and I do feel like I've noticed slight changes in small things. Also my mams just finished going through the menopause and going through that at the same time as chemo with a newborn absolutely terrifies me. Have they advised you of any of the effects of having a hysterectomy so early? I've had no information and all of the stuff online is so contradicting!! Lauren x

Hysterectomy in my 20’s?

27 Nov 2022 20:47 in response to lozxmuz

Oh bless you, it's really hard isn't it. I feel exactly the same. One minute I'm okay the next I can't control my thoughts! It's so fustrating. And not knowing is this worst! I hope you're okay after your diagnosis. Thinking of you! 
Me too, but they haven't given me any information yet. I'm due an MRI tomorrow and CT on Tuesday to find out where it's coming from. I have tried (and failed!) to not read google as the nurse has advised there's so much wrong information out there. The studies aren't particularly reliable either. She said if I'm going to google then to look at McMillan or cancer research websites but again, I guess it just affects people in different ways like the diagnosis will. I have read some things that say people who have hysterectomy at a young age can go 10 years plus before having menopause. 
It is a real scary thought, but try thing that at least with the chemo you'll have more chance of the cancer not coming back. You'll need your baby to give you strength and he or she will also look to you for strength. You've got this ❤️ x 

Hysterectomy in my 20’s?

12 Jan 2023 11:37 in response to ILMGC02


I was diagnosed with stage 3c Ovarian cancer on May 2022 just before my 30th birthday.  I dont have any children but me and my husband always had a plan to start a family. Unfortunately, chemotherapy didnot remove all the cancer so I had to do full hysterectomy. It was a very tough decision but I had to consider my health and prognosis first before thinking about starting a family. I had my surgery 5 weeks ago and will be starting my maintainence treatment soon. I did get some information on HRT treatments and have been told to contact my GP when I get menopause symptoms. It has been a rollercoaster journey but things do get easier. I wish you all the best. 

Rosani x