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Hypothesis on the causation of cancer

11 Aug 2019 23:59


Try not to take this too seriously, I'm not educated in cancer research or have a degree/diploma in medical science, also I'm only 22 and sometimes like to believe I'm smarter than I probably am.

I've pondered on the thought of what could be the cause of cancer, I have always believed that we are causing it, or at least increasing the occurence.

I believe the cause of cancer is the abundance of low levels of toxic substances in the air, the substances which scientists have led us to believe are "safe" in small quantities, each substance has slightly raised the occurence of the cells malfunctioning.

Evidence of cancer has been found in remains of humans from thousands of years ago, yet it has not shown the prevalence, I believe that the malfunction which causes the cells to duplicate is natural, it is a fault with our DNA, however how often it occurs is not and is a fault of our own.

This would explain why over 2000 substances have been proven to cause cancer, because many substances will cause cells the need to regenerate, increasing how often the cells need to regenerate increases the likelihood that the fault will occur.

This may not be the cure for cancer, but if it were to be true then it would be the cure for the cancer pandemic.


Hypothesis on the causation of cancer

12 Aug 2019 00:53 in response to acoster

If I were still a university lecturer, then my words to you would be:

"Ok, you've got a hypothesis, but simply asserting it's true doesn't make it true. You have to prove it. So how do you go about proving it?   What evidence do you need to gather?  What experiments must you do to gather than evidence?  What evidence would disprove your hypothesis?"

Give all these questions some thought and decide what you need to do to prove yourself right (or wrong).

I also suggest that you treat yourself to a subscription to New Scientist magazine, which will help you keep abreast of the latest developments in science, such as the possibility that a common microbe that causes gingivitis is implicated in the development of many diseases, including certain cancers. 


Hypothesis on the causation of cancer

12 Aug 2019 01:32 in response to telemando

I'll leave that to you, my head hurts and I'm tired, the least I need is to put my brain into overdrive, it's already overactive enough as it is.

As I said before, I haven't got a degree or a diploma in medical science.

I trust that scientists have already contained a number of people in a setting where this hypothesis would have been put to the test, I'm waiting for someone to come along and tell me that I'm wrong, I highly doubt that I am correct.

Edit: I should also point out that, yes organisms have been proven to cause cancer, I was not asserting that cells have malfunctioned only due to man-made harmful substances, this could be what has caused the natural occurence of cancer.

The point I was trying to make was that we have increased the likelihood that it will occur.

Edit 2:

To answer your question "So how do you go about proving it?" as you pointed out, a common microbe is the cause for certain types of cancers, if I am correct then the types of cancers found in remains will only have been caused by something which naturally occurs (or harmful substances produced at the time, such as carbon monoxide from fires).

Hypothesis on the causation of cancer

12 Aug 2019 09:13 in response to acoster

Hi acoster,

You may wish to take a look at this page which explains more about what cancer is and how it occurs. As a major research charity we've been investigating the causes of cancer for many years, and our scientists and working tirelessly to discover treatments and cures. You might find this information on our website a useful start if you're interested in the science of Cancer Research UK.

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