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Husband diagnosed with Lymphoma

6 Feb 2018 22:23

My husband has just been told he has lymphoma. We are awaiting further test results as to what stage and treatment plan. They found mass in his abdomen which made his lymph nodes swell. I can’t stop crying and then trying to remain positive the next. But feel utterly helpless. I’m trying to remain strong for him and also remain normal around our 8 & 11 year old girls. 

We will find out what next months hold for us is 3 weeks. So scared beyond belief. 

Your life as you know it can change within a matter of days.

how do you cope with news like this? I’ve been signed off of work as I just can’t cope this is actually happening.

Re: Husband diagnosed with Lymphoma

7 Feb 2018 11:04 in response to Redcherry1980

Hi there red cherry ... welcome to our little chat room ... where there's so many on here who do know the feelings your having ...

The word cancer in any form turns everything on its head ... for me the word future took on a different meaning ... and like you those early days send your brain into overdrive ... every sinario runs constantly through it like a tiddlewave .... 

What turned my thoughts around was my wonderful daughter in law .. who got us all together and said ..o.k you got cancer ... we can all sit and cry or we can take everyday and every problem as and when it comes up ... no more "what ifs" and well do it, together ... so once we stopped and said right if wer in for a cancer journey,  well do this ... so found an old pair of boxing gloves ... got in the ring and win or loose , I'll give cancer a run for its money .... and changing my attitude changed everyone close to me ... 

Now I don't look at an end game... I'll take every day and find something to smile about ... it sure has got me through ... and as difficult as it is, if you can take on this journey with your husband , hand in hand ... even through hard days ... share hugs and don't be afraid to talk about how you feel ... your little ones will see how your doing and it will help them ... gentle honesty as they pick up so many vibes even when you think they don't hear ... you can do this ... your braver then you realise ... it's only when our backs to the wall, we come out fighting ...its not gonna be easy and youll have highs and lows along the way ... its not about getting knocked down , its standing up again when you feel theres nothing left ... sending you a big virtual hug ... Chrissie  ❤

Re: Husband diagnosed with Lymphoma

7 Feb 2018 11:29 in response to Redcherry1980

Very sad news. But remember that lymphoma is often completely cured. I am not a medic, but know he has a great chance. So hold on to that thought, and hang in there. I wish you all the strength, and all the luck, in the world. xx Harry

Re: Husband diagnosed with Lymphoma

2 May 2018 12:19 in response to Redcherry1980
Hi Redcherry, I’ve just put a search in as I have just found out my husband has lymphoma, we are just waiting for the needle biopsy to ascertain the grade. It’s a massive shock as he is so fit and healthy. Just wondering how you and your husband are doing x