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HPV Positive & High Grade moderate Dyskaryosis

11 Nov 2019 15:35

Hi im looking for some advise with anyone who has recieved smear test result stating HPV Positive & High Grade moderate  Dyskaryosis. 

Im 28 with two children my first smear results came back clear, the past 6months i hae been suffering with various problems spotting after sex, bleeding inbetween periods , shotting pains randomly up my right leg, strong discharge ect i have just had my second smear (was told everything looked healthy) and then came home to the letter stating i was HPV Positive & High Grade moderate  Dyskaryosis- i am absoloutley distraught and so worried - i suffer with anxiety and depression and this has really tipped me over the edge i havent been able to drag myself out of bed all weekend . i have a Colpscopy appointment booked for the 19th November .

Has anyone else had the same results ? Any advise? Experinces?

I know i shoudlnt worry just yet but it is easier said than done as it has still come such a shock and with my 'symptoms' my head is going into overdrive with it all.

HPV Positive & High Grade moderate Dyskaryosis

11 Nov 2019 19:38 in response to Emilyplus

Hi Emilyplus, 

i have no advice as i just wrote a post similar to yours. Mine came back possitive and "severe" abnormal cells which is worse than yours and im in the same boat. Ive had a very long cry today and feel so defeated. Just wanted you to know your not alone in how you are feeling. X 

HPV Positive & High Grade moderate Dyskaryosis

11 Nov 2019 20:52 in response to Emilyplus

Hi i had these results i had a colpscopy and they said it looked like low grade cin 1 maybe some cin 2 and reasured me it wasnt cancer they didnt do treatment there and then they took a biopsy and i had to wait for that to come back this confirmed cin1 and cin2 so i had to have lletz treatment done this was 2 and bit weeks ago now i have to go back in 6 months to my gp for another smear test. I am 27 with 3 children 8 4 and 7 months so it was very scary!. I to have anxiety. Try and stay positive sending you a big hug and lots of positivity. I know how stressful and upsetting and hard all this is good luck x

HPV Positive & High Grade moderate Dyskaryosis

19 Nov 2019 20:56 in response to Slh2019

Thank you both Missmum2017and slh2019 for your replies and thoughts .

I have had my colposcopy today and they decided to do the LLETZ treatment there and then I now have to wait 6 weeks to hear from them. Hope you are both getting on OK X