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HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

9 Jun 2021 23:01 in response to WorriedSarah

Hello thank you got getting in touch. I have been taking the vitimins ever since I had my results back last year  and have continued taking them as I have really felt that they have made a difference to my immune system. I would definstely recommend taking them as I truly believed they helped my body to get rid of the virus. I also must have had persistent HPv as I have been msrried for 12 years so it must have been laying dormant all that time and then reactivated when I was under extreme stress and my immune system was too low to fight it. Fortunately my last smear has just come back clear. It sounds like you are taking all the right things. 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

10 Jun 2021 08:20 in response to Elena_a

Thank you so much for your reply. I've read that B12 is very good to fight it and bought a very high dose - 1000mg but am wondering if that's a bit high. Do you mind me asking what your daily B12 dose has been? Superdrug's high dose is 100mg so the 1000mg ones I bought in Holland and Barratt do seem very high. I do want to kick start my immune system into putting this thing back to sleep x

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

10 Jun 2021 17:42 in response to WorriedSarah

I have a B12 deficiency so I have to have injections of B12 every 6 weeks. I also take ferreglobin (1 a day). 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

10 Jun 2021 20:32 in response to Elena_a

Ok, thank you. Ferreglobin is good x