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HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 11:48

Hello I received my smear result back this weekend and it said I have HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis. I am so scared, I have always kept up tp date with my smears and they have always been clear. I have been with my husband for 13 years. I have been referred for a colposcopy. Please can anyone give me so advice about what this means. I am not sleeping, I cant face food and I cant stop crying. I have 2 children and the thought of what this could mean terrifies me. How do I get rid of HPV? I havent had any irregular bleeding and nothing has been picked up im previous smears why am I testing positive for HPV now when iv been married to the same person for 13 years. Please if anyone could help or maybe tell me your story. 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:08 in response to Elena_a


I'm not a nurse but I've had HPV and had two colposcopys and since had a normal smear and low grade changes.

It does not mean cancer. It's simply that the cells have changed and they treat the area before the area has a chance to change to cancer - which I understand takes years.

Please don't worry. I have smears every 6 months just to keep an eye on things.

The body usually rids itself of HPV. I take folic acid and b12 supplements which are supposed to help.

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:12 in response to Saysay1



Thank you so much for replying to me. Did you have to have the cells removed or did they just go back to normal. Has your HPV now gone? 

I am B12 deficient so have injections every six weeks and I have started taking ferreglobin capsules, immunace and vitimin C to try and boost my immuse system to get rid of the HPV. 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:14 in response to Elena_a

I had them removed but just once - LLETZ. Was fine and didn't feel anything.

Ive had a biopsy too and the cells were normal.

I need to ask if it's gone, I'm assuming so as I've had a normal

smear since. But I'm due one again in June so I'll ask.

Please don't worry. Low Grade changes are common.

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:28 in response to Saysay1

Thank you so much. I would prefer them to be removed than just left as the waiting will do no good for my mental health. 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:29 in response to Elena_a

They stain the area and can see the cells. They will make a decision about it there and then. It does not mean cancer. Look at the positives. They will sort it and remove them.

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:35 in response to Saysay1

Im so confused about the HPV as iv been with my husband for 13 years and have always had clear smears so have no idea how it works. Iv obviously had it for a long time but does that mean that my body has been unable to get rid of it and now its developed into cell changes or does it lay dormant and its only when it becomes active that your body starts to fight it. 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:36 in response to Elena_a


im not sure - hopefully one of the nurses on here can help xx

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

13 Apr 2020 12:38 in response to Saysay1

Thank you so much for taking the time to reassure me. Its been a long weekend of not being able to talk to anyone and its played havoc with my mind. I really do appreciate it. 

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

6 Jun 2021 13:28 in response to Elena_a

Hi there


i am in some desperate need of reassurance.

I recently had my smear and a week later, yesterday received my results hpv -positive-and-low-grade-dyskaryosis! I burst out crying and am so scared. Now that I have done lots of google researching I know that lots of ladies are receiving this result too, is that because of the new hpv screening process? Also google tells you everything and too much!

I was wondering how long it will be before I receive my appointment to have colposcopy? I am desperate I just want whatever it is gone, I suffer from anxiety and this really isn't helping me...

ikeep thinking the worst...I actually feel sick and my head is pounding!

I haven't got anyone to talk to about this.

Please help me....



HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

6 Jun 2021 14:06 in response to kellyjo

Hello thank you for getting in touch. I hope I can offer you some reassurance. I was in the same position a year ago, always had clear smears until that one came through with HPV positive and low grade dyskariosis. I was like you, terrified and looked at google far too much, which just made me feel even more panicked. What I can tell you is that I was told I would have to wait 6 months for the colposcopy because of covid. I couldnt wait this long. My anxiety was horrendous and I couldnt sleep or eat. Usually the appointment waiting time is around 3 to 4 weeks. I phoned my local colposcopy department at the hospital and explained what the waiting was doing to my mental health. The ladies there were incredibly sympathetic and told me to go straight in, so this will be worth a try for you. When I had my appointment I couldnt stop crying, they did the procedure, which is very quick and found a small area of abnormal cells, which they took a biopsy of (they take a biopsy of any abnormal cells). I waited 1 week for my results to come through which confirmed CIN 1 cells. The lady at the hospital said many women will get this during their life and it usually goes away once your body has cleared the HPV infection. I have an immune condition which worried me as I wasnt sure my body would fight it. I had to had a re smear in 12 months to check if it had all gone back to normal. I recently had the resmear and everything is back to normal. No more HPV and I am back to 3 yearly checks. I have told you all of this because what I really want to say to you is that I get it. I spent a whole year of my life terrified that it was only going to get worse and was the start of something awful. I took multi vitimins every day and kept myself busy to keep mental health in check and it all turned out ok. It is a very common result for women to get at some point.  I honestly think that taking the vitimins and getting myself into a good place mentally helped my immune system to get rid of the HPV. They told me that CIN1 calls are usually caused by the HPV virus, so once your body has got rid of this, the cells will go back to normal. 

Listen to the ladies at the colposcopy department when they tell you not to worry. I let me anxiety get the better of me. I hope everything goes ok at your appointment. Please do ask any questions you may have and I would be happy to answer them. What I can also say is that 2 of my friends also had a similar result and both went on to have clear smears at their next check. 

Take care

Elena X

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

6 Jun 2021 15:50 in response to Elena_a

Oh my that's amazing, even reading this has made me cry as I type this mail. I am so pleased for you. I really hope I am in this situation but my gut is telling me not but maybe this is my anxiety and worry ( I am a complete worrier about everything)

I will defo call them tomorrow, I have to. I went to bed last night but didn't sleep properly, ended up grinding my teeth all night and today actually!

did they not treat the cells or remove them at all? 

allof my smears have always been ok and so I don't know why all of a sudden his has raised, I have been under a bit of stress at the moment with some personal issues, I don't spose this would help..

thank you for helping me, I have thought the bad stuff etc just like you did, I need to just get through this...




HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

6 Jun 2021 16:11 in response to kellyjo

They only treat the cells if they are CIN 2 or CIN 3 as CIN 1 typically go away on their own. They do take most of them away when they take a biopsy though. I was the same, had a bad feeling and wouldnt listen to people when they were telling me it would be ok and it was common. My anxiety wouldnt let me believe them. They asked me if I had been under any stress as this can cause your immune system to allow HPV to become active in your body and cells to change. I had been under immense stress as I lost my dad and brother and my mum had cancer. I think all the stress just ruined my immunity. You will get through ut. I hope you manage to get an appointment soon, just to give you that piece of mind. Xx

HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

6 Jun 2021 16:20 in response to Elena_a

Thank you,

I am sorry to hear what you have gone through. 
I think, me personally what I have gone through recently was the worse stress i have experienced apart from my dad having a massive heart attack.. 

the last few months I was having migraines, cold sores and the stress of covid( I work in hospital) but I realise everyone has and does experience this..

I have just done my blood pressure as I thought it would be sky high, actually it's complete opposite at 100/60! Least this is ok.

you seem like such a lovely person and I can't thank you enough for this, I will be eternally thankful 

if you watched it on the screen, was it a shock to see how bad or not it was?



HPV positive and Low grade dyskaryosis

6 Jun 2021 21:21 in response to kellyjo

The stress will have played a big part im sure. 

The lady did show me on the screen. They put a dye inside you and basically anything that shows up white is an abnormal area. She pointed it out and said it was a very small area but I was in such a panic, nothing was really going in. I constantly expected the worse case scenario. Everytime someone said they had it and had been ok, I just thought, well mine might not be. They were right though. I am a teacher, so luckily I was kept busy during COVID, which helped to keep my mind occupied.  I am here anytime you need to talk to someone or if you have any questions. Elena xx