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12 Dec 2018 18:54



I had my smear last Wednesday and week later I’ve had my results back confirmed HPV and high grade dysaryosis, cytology appotment is Monday 17th  I can’t sleep and am a bit emotional! im also very angry with myself 30 years old mother of three and never had a smear (not because I was scared just life was busy, I forgot to keep booking and I’m a idiot) anyone had any experience with this? I cant help but think the worst! For months I’ve had heavy periods sometimes clots, and pretty much 80 percent of the time there’s light bloody on tissue, I’ve had lower back pain for months and hip pain that comes and goes? Are these a sign? I’m driving myself mad! 


12 Dec 2018 21:04 in response to Rosierose1988

I no how ur feeling. I'm 31 with 3 children,had regular smears and recent 1 in june which again was clear but been having bleeding after sex,foul discharge everyday,back ache which i assumed was from first birth which was epidural.always get pelvis pains every month/most weeks.heavy periods so on the pill. Got told I had ectropian cervix which bled with touch so went for colposcopy in november and they did biopsys which came back high cin 3 and squamous cell cancer. had lletz done last Monday and get results tomorrow of what stage the cancer is at. I'm absolutely terrified of going as I'm worried about what the result will be as ive also had leg cramp in left leg for nearly 2 yrs on and off whichbis same side as pelvis pains tend to be. 


12 Dec 2018 21:19 in response to sharon31

I’m so sorry you are going through this? When was your last smear before the cancer results? I really hope tomorrow you get the best possible outcome. Please update me will be thinking of u xx 


12 Dec 2018 21:21 in response to Rosierose1988

Hi I have been going through the same but I have had yearly smears which have always came back k low grade abnormal followed with a biopsy at the coloscopyclininc this has been routine for me since 2015 but last year I had my abnormal low grade smear was booked in at coloscopyclininc opt but was unable to attend as I found out I was pregnant.. I gave birth to my little girl in June & since September I've had irregular bleeding & bleeding after intercourse.. lower back & abdominal pain & foul watery smelling discharge..I also passed alarge amount of clots start of November...

Doctors fobbed me off with bacterial & water infections even tho all my swabs came back negative for any infection.. 

I then got a phone call from doctors to say I had missed my annual smear & I then thought straight away my symptoms are down to that! I went for my pap smear & received my results Friday which was high grade severe dyskarosis... With urgent referral to coloscopy! I attended my coloscopy appointment today, looking at my cervix on the big screen it looked difrent to what it has at previous appointments & when the nurse put the a acid on all the abnormal cells stood out a mile off! She told my by looking it looks like CIN 3 but won't no the extent of how far the cells have e spread or if they have advanced untill my biopsy results come back which could take up to 4 weeks! 


I've had my self in such a state the doctors have put me on the sick from work until the new year:( I don't know how I'm going to wait another 4 weeks & I am also thinking the worst.. but this page & people's responses have reassured me in a way & it's also reassuring to know your not on your own & there's others out there going through the exact same stress & worry as you & there is support here:) I'm here to talk if you need to as I think we are all in the same boat at this moment in time xx



13 Dec 2018 07:45 in response to xemmax1

Hi Emma 

I really hope you don’t have to wait four weeks for your results. I think the not knowing is the worse. This site has definitely helped with reading other people’s post. Nice to know we are all here for each other. really hope your results are best possible outcome xxx


13 Dec 2018 09:15 in response to Rosierose1988

My last smear was June which was all normal. 


13 Dec 2018 09:21 in response to xemmax1

Like u I went for colposcopy which then shown white areas which they took biopsys from and said it would take 3 to 4 weeks for results but I received a letter within 2 weeks with another colposcopy appointment on and straight away I new it was bad news as they won't send u bad news in a letter. Following week after hearing severe cin 3 and squamous cells which are cancer I was in theatre for lletz a waiting for appointment today to see what next steps/results are. It's horrible I've never been so scared in all my life and having 3 children just makes things a whole lot worse. I keep thinking of other symptons I've had over the last couple of years such as calf pain in left leg and now I'm getting pain from groin to knee and feel like an ache above my bum .


13 Dec 2018 12:31 in response to sharon31

Awwhh please let me know how you get on today & the next steps they are taking cause I think I’m going to end up with those results aswell from the similarities we are going through.. I really hope they don’t take 4 weeks! The nurse did say she would try and sped it up.. 

i know it’s awful I have an 11 year old son & a 7 month old daughter & there’s all sorts been going through my mind! I have felt physically sick every day since the results..

my symptoms have only been noticeable these last 2 / 3months well from what I thought.. but now I think about ive been getting a lot of lower back pain for about a year & have a large lump to the right side of my spine above my bum which I thought was just a knotted muscle I do hope it’s not related to anything other than that.. I have bled on occasions after intercourses for about a year aswell & been to doctors & been treated for reoccurring bacterial infections! 

Please let me know how you get on today thoo.. sending love & I hope everything turns out good for you Happy xx


13 Dec 2018 19:10 in response to xemmax1

How did you get on today? Really hope the best outcome for both you ladies. The not knowing I think it’s the worst at the moment. I just want Monday to get here can’t think straight xx



13 Dec 2018 23:28 in response to Rosierose1988

Had my results back,the biopsys from lletz showed a 1cm tumour so staged as 1b1 got to have mri and ct scans which im praying are clear then a full hysterectomy. worrying now about scans as still having pelvis aches.Thankfully I had my children young as I have a 12,10 and 7 yr old so the hysterectomy doesn't bother me I'm just worried if something else shows up.


14 Dec 2018 02:00 in response to Rosierose1988

Hi Rosie, @sharon31 @xemmax1 ‍ 

I am a cervical cancer survivor, just passed the 6 year mark.  I had stage 2A; had chemo and radiation, but no surgery due to a complication. I hope you don't have to go through anything like that but if you do, you can do it! It is not pleasant and really drags you down, but it can be done. Try not to worry too much and if you do need treatment, just take it one day, one appointment, one test at a time. 

You got this!

Laura xx


14 Dec 2018 14:58 in response to sharon31



how are you feeling today? I can imagine it’s a massive shock! Do you know how long you got to wait for the scans and operation? The more and more I read online the more I’m reading positive stories for people that have been diagnosed. Xxxx


14 Dec 2018 14:59 in response to LauraP

hi Laura 

Thabk you for replying i find it comforting to hear positive story’s. I’ve only had abnormal smear (high grade) and hpv positive thinking the worst hoping for the best xxx 


15 Dec 2018 23:39 in response to Rosierose1988

Hi all!

well I’m currently 3 days in to my 4 week wait for the biopsy results! & I’m assuming you are still waiting on your appointment for the coloscopy & biopsy Rosie? 

& Sharon I’m sorry to hear that news but hopefully it’s been caught early & praying the scans are all clear for you!:) but I’m just wondering if you could answer a question.. you said it was the let’s treatment that has picked the cancer up? So the biopsy results I’m waiting on what will that actually tell me? Does that not tell you if there is cancer present? It’s all abit confusing but the nurse did say by looking it’s CIN 3 which I am aware that’s just the grading of cancerous cells.. & I did ask if there was cancer there would she be able to spot it from just the examination? & she did say in most cases yes it can be detected from inspection? Is that Correct? 

& Laura that is fab news!!! It is lovely to read comments like yours & know the results us ladies Are receiving doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world & it can be treated:) 

But I would just like to wish every one a happy Xmas & new year & all the best for 2019!!! But I’m sure we will be in touch & keep each other updated over the next few weeks :) 


thsnks every one xx


16 Dec 2018 13:15 in response to xemmax1

Hi the biopsys done at colposcopy came bk as cin3 and squamous cells so it had already got to the cancer point. The colposcopist didnt think it was cancer or even cin 3 so was shocked when results came bk as that.  The lletz I had the following week was to remove all cells and stage the cancer.fingers crossed your results will be good news. If your recieving results thru post then thats positive as mine was just another colposcopy appointment thru the post within 2 weeks of having biopsys which I had a horrible feeling then as I was told I would get results thru post not another appointment.