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How were you informed you have cancer?

7 Jun 2019 08:12 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kim., 

i was still laying on table, nurse who took samples, said you can get up now, oh and you've got cancer, (how nice).


How were you informed you have cancer?

7 Jun 2019 20:52 in response to fileygirl

PLEASE lodge a formal complaint - this behaviour is unacceptable from anyone .., let alone a Consultant!

How were you informed you have cancer?

7 Jun 2019 20:59 in response to Billygoat

At the risk of repetition - PLEASE lodge a formal complaint. She may have been right but she wasn't qualified nor had the evidence to give a diagnosis.

I've lost count of the number of people who were wrongly told they had cancer by nurses etc.  based on hunches causing unnecessary anxiety. 


How were you informed you have cancer?

8 Jun 2019 00:32 in response to Billygoat

Hi Billygoat.

I agree with @davek ‍, you were handled most unprofessionally.  

For most people (and at one time, that included me), the word cancer is so terrifying that they essentially tune out in shock once they hear the diagnosis. So ideally, the diagnosis should also be rapidly followed by an indication of prognosis or expected outcome - especially when that outcome is generally positive. 

Simply throwing out that a patient has got cancer and then leaving them to it is just unprofessional and unacceptable. 


How were you informed you have cancer?

8 Jun 2019 03:27 in response to davek

Hi davek., after i got dressed i waited in a small cubicle a lady came in in white smock i guess specialist, she introduced her self we talk a wile (i guess she was working round to the main subject) she said I'm very sorry but it's Cancer, i said that's OK i already know the nurse told me she said would you excuse me for a minute, she went to the nurse and she played,, HELL,, and she wasn't very nice about it either then she came back to me and apologised i wasn't really that bothered it just confirmed what i already thought,.


How were you informed you have cancer?

8 Jun 2019 09:49 in response to Billygoat


I asked the Gynaecologist (who was inviting me to talk about my holiday) what he was seeing and thinking as he examined me. He said cervical cancer / ovarian cancer.

He sent me for MRI and CT Scan, and in the week before that, my suspicion was raised that perhaps things were looking inauspicious.

I was formally told by the consultant 10 days after the MRI that it was stage 4b cervical cancer which had spread to other organs.

It was a HUGE shock which I am still trying to recover from, but I can't think of a nice way of telling someone they have incurable cancer and I would hate for that to be (part of) my job, so I take my hat off to people who do this all day.

Having said that, there is clearly a communication problem in the (in many ways) wonderful NHS - after being told on the phone that... I could not be told anything over the phone, I was told to bring someone to my appointment (uh-oh) and sent an SMS appointment reminder stating I was meeting with the "Oncology Surgery team". A bit of a give-away. In the event, things turned out to be much worse as they could not helped me due to the advanced stage of my cancer. Sigh.

Best wishes to all on this forum and those who support us through this strange journey which never shows on Trip Advisor...

How were you informed you have cancer?

10 Oct 2019 16:13 in response to kimchoson

Four years ago I had chronic chest pain. I was seen in a Hospital Primary Centre and given meds. The next day I saw my GP as I was still in discomfort. He requested a scan, when it was found I had a gall bladder full of stones. After the scan the sonographer told me to book an appooitnment with my GP for a week after. A week later, I saw my GP and was told that I had a 'mass' and that it would need further investigations. No-one mentioned cancer until I was introduced to a Cancer Nurse. I had kidney cancer. A tumour that surrounded my left kidney, 3 x the size of the kidney itself. It had eaten up the adrenal gland also. They thought it was in my spleen but luckily this was not the case. I had a 6.5 hour operation and was left with what they call a mercedes benz scar. The cancer (grade 3 malignant) was all removed luckily but I have been left with a massive double hernia (stomach and bowel) which requires surgery itself. I am currently waiting for a date after being cancelled twice. I am having my annual CT Scan today and am seeing my Consultant in December for the results. Hopefully I am still in remission. It was 3 weeks from start to hospital admission for the nephrectomy.