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How were you informed you have cancer?

3 Jul 2015 21:16

I ask this question as I found out that I had cancer when I opened a letter from the hospital while drinking my morning coffee. The news took some digesting and I was unable to tell anyone 'till my partner got home from work. I am told this is unusual but I have since heard that others have beed told over the phone or called in to see their doctor or asked to come into hospital to discuss the results of their tests. So how did you receive the news that you have cancer?

How were you informed you have cancer?

3 Jul 2015 22:33 in response to kimchoson


I saw my GP on the Monday and he faxed a referral through to the breast clinic.  I was asked to attend the clinic on the Wednesday and was told by the consultant/surgeon on that day that he was 99% sure I had breast cancer and took a biopsy for confirmation.  He phoned me on the Friday with the news that he was now 100% sure. x

How were you informed you have cancer?

3 Jul 2015 23:14 in response to kimchoson

I was told by the consultant at the hospital after a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy - quite conventionally. The only thing was,I was extremely calm because I already knew, and as unbelievable as this sounds, my dog 'told' me.  She had been nudging my breast  with her nose and sniffing to the point I had to put her in her cage to get some peace. I think she smelled something different on me because since I have had my lumpectomy she has behaved quite normally  and curls up and goes to sleep on my lap.  I am taking this as a good sign that all the cancer has been taken out! 


How were you informed you have cancer?

4 Jul 2015 01:09 in response to kimchoson

After hysteroscopy and scans I went back to the hospital for results. The nurse was coming into the waiting room to call patients in but when it came to my turn the consultant, a lovely, kind man, came out and took me in.  He and a specialist nurse told me and spoke to me answering all my questions for about half an hour.


How were you informed you have cancer?

4 Jul 2015 09:05 in response to kimchoson

After my GP referral to the colorectal consultant, I was given a physical examination and at that initial appointment, the consultant told me that he was fairly certain I had bowel Cancer. He fast-tracked me for scans and tests and then confirmed the diagnosis in his outpatients clinic a few weeks later. 

On some occasions over the past two years I have opted to be given results over the telephone, but I'd indicated to the team that I was happy to receive news in this way (it meant less of a trek to the hospital) This was always followed up with a letter that I had been copied in to, explaining the results, treatment plans etc and I was also advised / encouraged to contact any of the specialist nurses / consultant's secretaries if I wished to ask questions or make another clinic appointment to discuss anything with the doctor. 

How were you informed you have cancer?

4 Jul 2015 09:57 in response to kimchoson



Your hospital broke all the rules in informing you by letter. My guess is that this was down to human error and that you should complain to help stop it happening again.

I was told in the middle of my gastroscopy, the upper GI consultant was supposed to be checking for a peptic ulcer but found "a large lump, I'll take some biopsies" before he reached my stomach. The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed and he switched from asking the nurse where she was going on holiday.

The diagnosis was confirmed a few days (it felt like weeks) later, when the incurable and inoperable phrase was used for the first time and I was told I might only have weeks to live.  Strangely I was unphased by this as I had built myself up to expect the worst but my wife was knocked for six, as were the rest of my family.I wasn't being brave, just numbed.



How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Sep 2015 21:10 in response to kimchoson

Hi very sorry to hear  about your news. I was told two weeks  ago that I have brest cancer.  I don't want to read any books about it. As I keep hoping it's all a dream and I will wake up. I feel so tired 

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Sep 2015 21:36 in response to kimchoson

I went in for removal of dermoid cyst on ovary, but surprise surprise they traced it to my large bowel, so I was told not long after I woke up from surgery.  Was so high on morphine I remember hearing the words bowel cancer but don't think it registered.  In fact I rolled on with life and my recovery from surgery not even giving cancer another thought........ until I got my appointment with my Oncologist, then it was YIKES!!

How were you informed you have cancer?

30 Sep 2016 01:53 in response to kimchoson

li Kimchoson,

After having had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy I was told there and then (one stop clinic for which I had to pay privately) - breast cancer. 

My father, unfortunately, was told over the phone - secondary cancer of the bile ducts (primary unknown). Four and a half years later I still find this very upsetting. 


How were you informed you have cancer?

30 Sep 2016 20:44 in response to kimchoson

My dad fell unwell and was in hospital for around 10 days where he had X-ray, MRI and ultrasound. He was discharged from hospital and a week later received an appointment to Macmillan. From that moment in we knew it was cancer. He sadly passed 3 days after the consultant appointment. 

How were you informed you have cancer?

30 Sep 2016 22:25 in response to Michelle1978


After having been referred to the breast clinic and having a scan and a biopsy taken which was inconclusive only to have another one 2 weeks later.

This time I was told I would be seen 3 days later in clinic for the results..the Dr taking the biopsy seemed concerned I could feel the atmosphere.He was insistent I would be seen in person rather than written to this time.

3 days later shown to a room-consultant walks in and introduced the breast cancer care nurse who tells me she's going to sit and hold my hand..enough said that said it all for her!! 


How were you informed you have cancer?

22 Jan 2017 23:47 in response to kimchoson
When I had breast cancer I was told face to face. I have just found out I have bladder cancer this was via a letter through the post

How were you informed you have cancer?

23 Jan 2017 06:52 in response to kimchoson

I was told on what I was thinking was routine follow up to endoscopy, I'd travelled alone on the bus. Went into room doctor asked how I was then said you know the biopsy taken ...Well you have cancer . I was floored with the news a Macmillan nurse took me into a side room gave me a leaflet said surgeon would be in touch asked if I knew my way out . It was terrible the way I was told. I cried on the bus all the way home.

How were you informed you have cancer?

28 Jan 2017 10:36 in response to kimchoson

I was called and asked to come and see the consultant the following day, early morning appointment.

I was called into the office, and told they found early invasive endometrial cancer. This was Nov 2016. I am due back to see the consultant March 2017.

I receievd the letter after confirming the diagnosis and next steps.



How were you informed you have cancer?

28 Jan 2017 14:10 in response to Monka

I went to my GP on 1 24 17 because I felt a lump and needed to be seen. She felt the lump too.

She immediately sent me to the Breast Specialist (?) and received an early morning appointment the next day where the doctor felt the lump and immediately told me it was cancer. Before a mammogram, before the CT scan, and before the biopsy results were back. 

I had all three tests in one day. (talk about a stress-filled, teary eyed day!) 

Now I wait.... Confused