Together we will beat cancer


How to begin...

6 Feb 2018 21:56


Hard to know where to start but my GF has been diagnosed with bowl cancer last Friday and has been told she needs to have it removed.

She has another appointment Saturday but wont tell me much else and is very closed when i approach the subject. She had finished our relationship as had said she didn't want to put me through her being ill (she didnt say what illness it was but i guessed) and now the relationship is hanging by a thread.

She doesn't like asking for help and hasn't told her mum or son about it and wont even let me go to her house to visit. Oh and she had a prolapse a few months ago after just starting a new job and her house is getting repossessed in 3 months as shes unable to work...

Not sure what else to say

Re: How to begin...

7 Feb 2018 09:01 in response to krest

She must feel very alone. Bowel cancer? A good chance at this stage that it hasn't spread. Then she has an excellent chance of a full recovery. Just a suggestion: maybe try to play it cool at this stage and say that you just want to be with her as a friend, and accompany her on her appointments? Then see how it goes. Good luck. Harry