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How do you get work when your cancer won't go away?

21 Dec 2017 10:27

Hello all,

Has a cancer diagnosis affected your ability to work?

I spotted this story on the BBC website today about David, an ex-naval commander who, when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, came up with a novel idea.

Working with an old colleague, he set up an online tool called Astriid that matches individuals with businesses that can use their skills for paid or unpaid work.

It seems like a great way to harness people with chronic illness’ talent. What do you think? 


Re: How do you get work when your cancer won't go away?

23 Dec 2017 00:22 in response to Moderator Helen

Hi Helen 

I got made redundant and diagnosed at same time last year and started searching for a job a couple of months back. I've never experienced this lull in response ever in my life. I would be happy to look into what you've mentioned above. Thankd.