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How do people cope?

12 Jun 2019 08:53

I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in  late January this year and had a lobectomy in March.  Following this I have had lots of complications from chest infections, pulmonary emobolisms and general breathlessness; this delayed the start of adjuvant chemotherapy (Cisplatin and Vinorelbine) which eventually got underway 3 weeks ago.  I had some very serious side effects from this and as a result my oncologist has advised not to continue as the damage to my health would outweigh the benefits.   I asked him about the chances of the cancer returning and he has told me there is around a 40% chance of this.  I am devastated, I am 52 and was very fit and healthy with no symptoms of the tumour which was found by accident as part of a CT on my arm and shoulder.  What does the 40% mean in reality?  Are there any other people like me on here?  How do you cope with the uncertainty?  Should I seek a second opinion from a different oncologist?  Has anyone here had a similar experience and been offered an alternative treatment?

How do people cope?

12 Jun 2019 20:18 in response to Dee26

Hi there ..

I know 40% chance of return seems high .. but swap it round and you've got 60% chance of being clear ..

I'm afraid we all have cancer sitting on our shoulders .. and there's a high chance well get the darn thing again .. but we can't live in fear of what may happen .. or you'll miss every day to feel good your o.k .. I just take every day as a bonus .. wake up look up at the sky .. and think "yep still here" and look for something every day to make me smile ..

No one knows if they have tomorrow... we could get run over .. heart attack... anything ... but we just don't keep thinking it .. we just carry on .. life is too short to spend it feeling overwhelmed... just go out there and grab at life .. your here today ... it's just looking at things differently ..

Chrissie xx

How do people cope?

12 Jun 2019 20:44 in response to Dee26

Hi dee just enjoy life it's the only way, I'm non curable C found over three years ago i just keep plodding on i don't know how long i got and it doesn't matter I'll keep going till the end,. Billy