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Hip problems post pelvic radiotherapy

27 Dec 2020 21:55 in response to Jammy



I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in June 2019 I had a full hysterectomy followed by 25 sessions of radiotherapy and 3 of bracatherpy. 

a few months after treatment I had to have a repair done to my vagina and shortly after I started experiencing pain in my back and especially my right hip, leg and buttock. I've had mri and have been told it's soft bones caused by radiotherapy and was given an appointment with physiotherapist. I've been told the pain will go but it's been going on for nearly a year and not improving,walking up hills and stairs is difficult, I have even given up my job.


im at a loss with it all I know the cancer has not returned but I can't seem to move on with things.  Does the pain go away? I've intermittent problems with my bowel and stomach to.


I would really appreciate any advice ad I feel quite alone with this and embarrassed with my problems walking etc. 

Hip problems post pelvic radiotherapy

1 Jan 2021 06:43 in response to sand940

Hi, I'm about to have same treatment as you. 

Had lumpsectomy on 27th Sept, high grade dcis

radical hyst including ovaries 31st Oct, for 1b2 cervical got upped to stage 2 as had spead to fallopian tube, so started chemoradiation 30th December.

Got told was only doing uterine bed and lymph nodes, avoiding most of bowel and bladder, however yesterday was given and told they would be radiating full pelvis. 

Menapause sucks, vaginal altraphy is terrifying, they don't want to give hrt, which would stop a lot of side effects, so feel compelled to do Internet research. 

Don't know whether this helps, with regard to bowels, vit d and probiotics, reduce sugar, up veg, think med diet

With regard to pain try msm, but high dose, good for pain,

bones, joints, arthitus, brain lol, presume your already taking calcium. And vit b complex. Vit d also good for bones. 

Above all good for hair and skin as well. 

Please share anything you may know, my whole life seems to be disappearing before my eyes, the side effects of cancer are more terrafying than the actual bleedin cancer. 

Frightened about loosing my boyfriend, my job, I work for a large warehouse and have to return to work at some point. Personality has done 180 degrees. 

At moment seriously thinking about stopping treatment as if there is no quality of life after, what is the point of it all. 

Please excuse spelling as just woken up with hot flush, feel sick from chemo and had no coffee as yet.

Feeling generally ****** off and sorry for myself. Outwardly it's Xmas and trying to be miss positive, cried in front of boyfriend and he was quiet for a week, as he's never seen me upset.

Started off really positive, found out got two cancers being treated at same time at beginning of Sept, was expecting a promotion at work, now to this lol, 51 now, biologically expecting to be 81 by time they have finished. 

Mentioned sex, was told other stuff we can do.. 

I dunno...... 

Happy New year. Lol


Hip problems post pelvic radiotherapy

13 Jan 2021 20:33 in response to Franconference

I had anal tumour two yrs ago have had radiotherapy and chemo tabs but now have really bad pain in hip have seen gp and had xray and was told it is osteoporosis wondering if this is because of radiotherapy now walking with stick. I was on hrt for 12 yrs thought this was meant to help