High Risk HPV but no abnormal cells

15 Sep 2021 21:09

Hi everyone, 

I received my 2nd cervical smear result today, reading 'your results show high risk hpv, no abnormal cells found reappear in 12 months'. To be honest, it's really dampened my day. It wasn't the result I expected to receive especially whilst at work and my first smear was fine 3 years prior was fine  

I've spent the day researching high risk HPV and it seems all we can really do is wait to see if our immune system clears it or it progresses. I must say it is daunting to think you have a virus that could cause potential cancer and there is nothing you can do about it. 

It seems as though numerous people have had this issue and I'm aware HPV is incredibly common, I just want to reassure everyone to stay healthy, focus on your immune system, looking after your body And your mind snd I'm sure all will be fine. I suffered really badly from health anxiety when I was younger around 23 and receiving that then would of really affected me, luckily i am a bit older now and have a more positive and present outlook.

One thing I would say is I am quite unhappy with the whole process I had my smear done August 3rd amd have only today recieved a text, I had chased numerous times and been told I would receive a letter first before the GP. No letter has arrived, just a very clinical inhumano text telling me I have a High risk virus with no further information. Luckily, I am strong minded enough to try and not let it affect me and focus on my health but I totally understand how so many people would feel really worried especially since minimal information is provided, even during the whole process apart from a little leaflet. 

stay strong girls and try not to worry, remember it's very common and just stay on top of getting checked to ensure you can sort anything as quick as possible x