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High CRP and lumps in my neck

21 Oct 2019 14:29

Went to doctors last week because I have a lump, about the size of a 2 pence peice in my neck, I got bloods done and a chest X-ray 


i phoned for results today, my CRP is high and x Ray was back as normal. 


My my wife died of cancer 3 years ago at the age of 27, this all seems too familiar, anyone else experienced this?



High CRP and lumps in my neck

21 Oct 2019 14:48 in response to Lovemygunners

Hi lovemygunners,

I am sorry about your wife and I hope you are doing well, I know that the pain never goes away but we learn how to live with it. High CRP means inflamation which can be cause by infections which can cause lumps ( lymph nodes) I am not a doctor but I recommend you do not stress and wait for the doctor to explain the results. We do not have to face all bad things out there, there is a God that takes care of us. You have suffered a lot, so I am sure God has something good for you. Be happy, and keep us upated it Happy