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Hi latest newbie here :D My name is Christie

26 Jul 2015 14:22

I am to have an ultrasound scan tomorrow on my pelvis and abdomen. My gp suspects Ovarian Cancer or Diverticulitis bit of a difference there lol Plain I do have IBS and microspic colitis, I am just hoping it's just the IBS playing up, as my abdomen is rather swollen and has been like it now a little over two weeks I get pains, that come can go, but it seems to be favouring a dull ache at the moment along with the pains. I am 51 I am worried of course, but I feel really well within myself other than just tired all the time,I just wondered what other ladies symptoms were before they were diagnosed?

Re: Hi latest newbie here :D My name is Christie

26 Jul 2015 22:20 in response to Christie

Hi Christie,

There's obviously a lot of distance to travel before you receive a reliable diagnosis.

For what it is worth, I have similar symptoms whenever I have a flare up of ulcerative colitis - in my case obviously not related to my ovaries!

Good luck with your diagnosis.