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Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 02:54

I'm 51 years young and just diagnosed with lung cancer. I'm having a VATs upper left lobe removal Thursday. Unless its gone to lymph nodes, yet to be determined, I'm otherwise free of cancer elsewhere. Does anyone know what the life expectancy is for this? I just dont want to keep bamging on to friends and ive not skeot for months. Its a shock and i have no idea what to think. Thanks

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 03:24 in response to Luna68

Hi Luna!

I have NSCLC stage IV, no surgery as it ad spread to lymph nodes. Diagnosed Oct 2015. I am still here enjoying life. And if you get surgery and has not spread, you could be cured.

Talk to your doctor about it. Good luck, Pet

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 03:31 in response to Pet1968

Hi thanks for replying. I'm up awake all night!!! I don't no what IV means? Sorry but tell m your story....I'm properly lost!!! X

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 03:35 in response to Luna68

Sorry i didn't explain...stage IV means terminal/not cureable. they did not operate as it had spread already.

But see, there are so many new and good treatments available now, and as i said if they operate, it is a good sign.

And it is normal to be affraid now, we all have been there and the waiting is horrible.

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 03:44 in response to Pet1968

Hi, wow thats pretty amazing. 4 years at stage 4? I keep reading stats and all i come up with is stage  2 33% to 5 years limited life expectancy or stage 1 64% also limited. I.e. no retirement for me. Is that the case? I don't know and wont till post surgery tumour and lymph biopsy but I'm hoping??? Mine was caught by accident...lucky i believe....i was being tested fir stomach cancer!!! I'm very new to this and haven't "acclimated" so to speak. X

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 03:48 in response to Luna68

Yes mine was found the same way, i was 47 and then ...bang!!!!

Just a few tipps, if you go to app. then take someone with you, as you are excited you may don't hear all of forget things. Also to write down all questions you want to ask. I found that very helpful.


I will cross my figers for you that all ges well!!!

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 03:53 in response to Pet1968

Yes that's a good suggestion. I took hubby as he could recall what i couldn't last time. Thankyou and glad you are well. I hope for a cure but still early days fir my head to truly get around it all. Not ready to give up on my retirement and grandma plan. Thats what sucks...not onowing and not being able to plan a future.....x

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 07:57 in response to Luna68

Hi Luna

I hope all goes well on Thursday. My story is similar to yours....

I was diagnosed in November 2019, aged 48 and had a lower left VATS Lobectomy in December and I am recovering well. I'd had no symptoms and the lesion on my lung was picked up by chance on a heart scan in October. Thankfully there was no sign of spread to lymph nodes but due to the size of the tumour removed (4.8cm, stage 2) I'm now having chemotherapy, hopefully as a 'belt and braces' as the intention of the surgery was curative.

I have spent hours/days googling and reading up on staging, TNM, prognosis etc but everyone is different and your surgeon/oncologist are best placed to advise on specifics for you rather than looking at averages.

If you have any questions I can help you with about the VATS procedure, recovery or anything else, please feel free to ask.

Best wishes



Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 08:53 in response to Luna68

Hi Luna

Re the title of your post have you tried contacting the various lung cancer charities in the UK (have a google, there's a few)?  I have breast cancer and one of the charities offers a "someone like me" service whereby you can talk to someone who has gone through what you are, you may find this useful, I do!

Good luck.


Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 12:25 in response to Luna68

Hi Luna,

I am 51 and have stage 4 lung cancer. I'm also near the beginning, diagnosed November and operation.                     ( pneumonectomy) in December about the same time as Ruth's. Unfortunately cancer cells were found outside my lung after the operation so I ended up at stage 4 I hope your operation is curative. It sounds like there's a good chance of that.

Either way, best of luck for Thursday and your recovery. Let us know the outcome if you need support!

Joy x


Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 14:22 in response to anotherspring

Thankyou all, much appreciated. It's hard discussing it with those who aren't going through it so thankyou again. I'll just have to wait and see and ask the right questions once I've had the surgery. X

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

4 Feb 2020 14:32 in response to Luna68

Hi please try not to worry my husband had two lobes removed from his right lung last February the cancer had not gone anywhere else his operation was followed by a bit of chemotherapy what they call a mop up , he is now cancer free just has to have six monthly check ups his first one is next Monday so fingers crossed. 

Hi Is there someone to talk to?

10 Feb 2020 23:47 in response to Eileenb


Well back home after my upper left lobectomy. I think all is as it should and despite pain, coughing and shortness of breath I'm actually feeling ok.

Can anyone tell me how  long the breathlessness lasts and if its normal to have unusual sensations or feeling in the area where the lobe has been removed? I find it difficult to breath in  deeply and get a strange rattling popping scraping feeling just inside my chest on my upper left side  it also feels as if i need to clear or cough something up but obviously there's nothing there now?

Thankyou again


Hi Is there someone to talk to?

11 Feb 2020 05:21 in response to Luna68

Hi there

I can only give you support as my cancer was breast. I have had a masectomy and lymph node removal. After surgery you will have treatment, Trust in your team, there are there to do the best for you to get you through this, mine have been wonderful and I ask so many questions to my doctors and nurses. 
Sending you healing hugs






Hi Is there someone to talk to?

11 Feb 2020 09:00 in response to Luna68

hi. My husband had his first routine X-ray. Since his lobectomy last February and all was clear so great news. Can I just assure you that all the feelings and sensations you have are normal try not to worry