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Hi everyone

30 Dec 2016 01:04

Hi guys. Not my type of thing usually but I'm the early twenties girlfriend of a guy with a very rare supposedly incurable sarcoma. He's about to start his 5th cycle (3 week cycles) of chemo and I'm increasingly struggling with the emotional side of things. I'm very strong and positive but we are all human and each weak I am more tired and worn down. Not sure what I'm looking for I guess but feel so alone. Christmas has been lovely considering everything but still very hard. Sorry to be a bummer.x



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sorry to hear about your bf.I imagine it must be so difficult to stay positive and upbeat all the time when inside you must be terrified of whats to come.Im sure it will be good for you to be here so you can talk freely without the worry of causing upset.

I cant talk from experience regarding caring for someone with cancer.Im on the flip side and have been the one having treatment.saying that i can see how its effected my husband.Hes not quite the same man he was before i was diagnosed.It breaks my heart.

I wish my husband had confided in poeple saught advice talked to me even.I can assure you that you have taken a good step by joining cancer chat.There are many poeple here that care for others and support each other.I talk to some lovely people i can honestly say that it has been a god send for me.

Dont forget the drs and nurses can support you too..if you need help advice or someone to talk to try and ask your bf team.

thinking of you 

ness x 

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30 Dec 2016 15:30 in response to Nessemo3


mcmillan are amazing to talk to.They can help with finance practical advice or just chat on the end of the phone if you need it. x 

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Sorry about your mums just been diagnosed with kidney cancer and I guess I'm the same I have all these emotions that I don't want to show anyone but inside I feel like I'm drowning my boyfriends mum died of cancer 3 years ago so I feel like I can't talk to him as it's all so raw still If you need to talk il be here to listen / read 

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Hi there!! ....I'am in the exact same situation . I'm in my 20's and my closet friend, partner has a rare sarcoma coming from the lung wall. Its been imensely difficult and has pretty much taken over my life ...i love him with all my heart even though there are complications with living at a distance etc ..its still so life changing. I cant imagine what he must be going through but it still affects all of us . He has had the cancer for about a year now ..and has quite a few different chemo treatments. The doctors have said they cant operate as they are concentrating on reducing the size. He did have success with the first load of chemo so changed to a different type and luckily we had some postive results that the tumour has gone down in size . I'm hoping and praying it continues to work !! ....but yet Iam completely with you on the emotional side . Its not easy and I've had to pull strength from many areas !! Even when I have felt very alone going through the motions . Its good to finally come across someone who has gone through something similar and would be good to keep in touch for support !! How is everything now ? ... Thanks for reading Happy ...Blessed be X