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HER2 Borderline

20 Oct 2019 14:54

Hello all,

ive recently been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

I have 2 tumours:

the first is both hormone positive and HER2 negative

the second is both hormone negative and HER2 borderline

my biopsy has been sent back off for retesting.

i wondered if anyone had any experience of this and what there results came back as when retesting and also did the cancer re-occur after treatment?

im asking this because from what I've read, borderline isn't a very good diagnosis because they don't know how to treat it and the likelihood of it returning is greater.

ive been told I will definitely be having hormone treatment as they have to treat both tumours differently and I'll also be having a full massectomy on my right side but everything else is uncertain at this point.

also my cancer isn't thought to be in my lymph nodes as nothing showed on the scans, but can cancer spread without going through the lymph nodes? Is my chest feels painful and tight and I'm worried it's spread further than they think.

HER2 Borderline

20 Oct 2019 18:49 in response to Louisa.g


I was diagnosed with HER2 positive 5 years ago with 2 out of 29 lymph node involvement. I had mastectomy and lymph nodes removed and had herceptin and tamoxifen to start now on letrozole. My problem is anxiety one of the symptoms is what you mentioned ... tight chest etc now I never had it before but due to worry of recurrence and every twinge ache and pain I now attribute to cancer. I would say try not to worry but I now worry all the time lol worse since being discharged in July if you’ve had a scan and nothing’s shown then hopefully you should be fine xxx 

HER2 Borderline

20 Oct 2019 19:52 in response to Aberdragon

My problem is that my results are borderline which means when it comes to my treatment after my mastectomy it's harder to get fully rid of it because if you have the protein treatment and don't need it, it could be harmful, and then if you don't have the protein treatment and do need it, then the cancer is at higher risk of coming back.... or so I've read. Basically borderline means it's more difficult to treat right or for doctors to make the right decision on treating it right.

a positive or negative result is better