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Help lacking for friends and relatives.

29 May 2015 10:04

Reading through the posts on this forum and others it becomes apparent there is a lack of support for the relatives and friends of cancer patients. Post after post of cries for help, to shed a virtual tear, to unload frustration or anger. Frequently they lack the information required to help them come to terms with their loved ones situation or the information that is needed to look after the patient. There seems to be a lack of communication between hospitals and relatives and friends of the patients.

The contributors to this forum do an excellent job supporting those troubled people and there are cancer support groups doing sterling work but I think a little more information from the hospital would go a long way.

From the other side, as the patient I feel I have had excellent care and support and all the information I have needed to make my choices.

Help lacking for friends and relatives.

29 May 2015 10:29 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kimchoson,

How right you are, you have got it spot on. I belong to a local charity which was started by a man named Paul Huggett who lost two wives to breast cancer, leving him with two young girls to bring up. He told me he had to be both father and mother to them and found there was no help at all for himself with both the griving and the practical side of things. Which is why he set up the charity Cancervive especially for family and friends of cancer patients.

Having been both a patient and someone who has lost several close family members to cancer, I fully endorse what you say. I canot fault the service I recieved as a patient, but when my mother died which I found far more difficult to deal with, there was no support, either practical or emotional at all offered.

It is good that we have this forum where we can highlight things like this and thank you for starting this post. Best wishes to you, Brian.