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16 Jul 2019 21:34

my wife was diagnosed with colon cancer and in surgery the following week. We are home and have been told we need to now see an encologist as the cancer has got to 2 lymph nodes. The meeting isn’t for two weeks. We are sat at home completely helpless and in the unknown. Why does it take so long for someone to tell us what the outcome is and subsequent ongoing treatment? We are going out of our minds with worry. Can someone please help?


17 Jul 2019 16:39 in response to Papasmurf

Hello and thank you for your post.

I am very sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis of bowel cancer.

I realise that waiting to be told about the results of the surgery and the need for further treatment is a worrying time. But, I do not think that waiting a couple of weeks is going to cause any harm to your wife, in fact it is necessary for her to fully recover after surgery before any other treatment is given, if she needs to have it.

Your wife's oncologist might want her to have chemotherapy to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. You can read more about chemotherapy for bowel cancer on our website, look here   to see it.

If your wife has already been allocated a specialist cancer nurse, she could also contact them to talk about her situation. Sometimes, you need to leave a message and the nurse will get back to her the following day.

I hope this has been of some help to you. Please feel free to get back to us if you have any further questions. You may find it helpful to talk things through with one of the nurses on our helpline.  The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Take care,