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Hello. I'm new here

9 Feb 2018 02:40

My daddy was diagnosed last year with stage 4 prostate cancer. His blood count was sky high back then but after radiation and injections it's now at a minus. The doctors can't remove it because it localised spread. But he tells me he is now okay. Is this true?  He is only 72 fit and healthy. Can I expect to have him around for at least another 10 years? I know I'm asking a lot. My real name is Rebecca. Bronco was my daddy's name when he played Ice Hockey for Durham Wasps. X

Re: Hello. I'm new here

9 Feb 2018 08:17 in response to Bronco1

Hi Rebecca. Welcome to the forum. 

Please let me start out by saying that apart from the nurses, we're not medically qualified. I'm not a doctor but I am a prostate cancer survivor, however I was lucky that my cancer was caught early.

Any type of stage 4 cancer is very difficult to cure, and this is true of prostate cancer. However it can be held in check for long periods using combinations of hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. There are also other therapies and drugs in development, and a game changing treatment may be just around the corner. 

No one can predict the future, and no one can say how long your father will live. It all depends on so many factors. You can, if you choose, look at the 5 year survival rate for any cancer stage, but by definition these are going to be at least 5 years out of date, and treatments will have moved on in this time. I do know that the last 5 years have seen advances in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer (such as the drugs abiraterone and enzalutamide) that won't be reflected in the stats. 

All the best

Re: Hello. I'm new here

9 Feb 2018 13:54 in response to Bronco1


Cute name, first sorry about your dads predicament, it's never the news you want to hear, at least your asking questions which is good.

Unfortunatly he cannot be cured at this moment, but you never know new medication is being developed all the time, what he can be, is treated and monitored, keeping his PSA down is one plus, is there any other medication being offered ? 

He sounds a healthy guy so we all hope he will be here for many a year to come.

take care





Re: Hello. I'm new here

9 Feb 2018 14:03 in response to Bronco1

Hi Bronco,

I agree with what the others have said. I was diagnosed with a psa of 70 but after treatment with hormone therapy and radiotherpy it came right down to 0.01 

Now several years later it has crept a a bit just as my oncologist said it would but it is still very low. No one knows what is round the corner in life, but with the treatment available at the moment, there is a good chance of controling it.

I wish you and you father good news and please ask if you have any questions, Brian