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Hello all

24 Dec 2017 22:04

Hi all, 

Just wanted to say hi to all and introduce myself.

. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer the years ago, had a total hysterectomy, had a lump in my breast, had that removed ( not cancerous) diagnosed with BCC on nose last year, had nostril removed and reconstruction, yesterday was told I now have BCC on tip of nose and forehead. 

Due to have surgery in January and reconstruction but I know I'm in good hands....

Just wanted to reassure anyone else with this diagnosis that it's not as bad as it seems.. We all go through the " oh, what will I look like".... Let's look on you tube or Google it.... Not a good idea!

My mum was diagnosed with cancer 45 years ago ( she's had several different types over the years) and she's still going strong)... There is every reason to remain positive... 

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas, x

Re: Hello all

25 Dec 2017 09:26 in response to JuliaC13

How nice of you to post and I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.  Many of our regular and more knowledgeable posters are busy with Christmas - but many are dipping in to respond when they can - and I who have limited awareness of most cancers can only say Merry Christmas and give good wishes.  (I feel a bit like a warm-up act!)  I have never had cancer but have lost too many family and friends to it and I am learning so much.  It was great to read your positive post following so many ops and I would like to give you best wishes for your upcoming treatment.