Together we will beat cancer



7 Nov 2019 19:15

I have really joined the forum to try and find some information for a friend. She had breast cancer a few years a go and has been fighting for reconstructive surgery ever since. She was told by her GP today that there is no funding available for her. Are there any options for her such as charitys she could approach to help with funding?


8 Nov 2019 12:19 in response to Tess51

I would definitely advise your friend to talk to the breast nurse about this. I know you said it was a few years ago but she should still be able to chat to her, it's so sad that she's having to fight for reconstruction.....I wish her all the luck....


8 Nov 2019 18:51 in response to Marlyn

Thank you for replying. Would her nurse be able to help re surgery?


8 Nov 2019 19:52 in response to Tess51

All being well your friend might still have her breast nurses number, she could certainly point her in the right direction....