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2 Mar 2018 23:21

hi there,my dad is 78,this time last year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer which was allready quite advanced,i.e into his bones,spine and in his hips i believe.He has been in hospital for the last fortnight and i have been told by the doctor(via the urologist my dad was being seen by) in his ward that there is no more treatment available for my dad other than managing the pain,My dad was on tri-monthly hormone injections,and i thought that there would be another option but it seems not.He has declined quite rapidly in the last 2months or so and i feel quite guilty about not being more pro active in his care,should we have gone private,should i question the urologist.I know there is not really a clear question in this post,i just thought id put it up and see what response i would get.We are expecting to get my dad home sometime this coming weekand try to make him as comfortable as possible from here on.

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4 Mar 2018 13:25 in response to tonyc

Hello tonyc and welcome to our forum.

I'm sorry to hear that your dad was diagnosed advanced prostate cancer and I can appreciate you want to make him as comfortable as possible from here onward.

Hopefully some of our members who cared for their loved ones in the same situation will soon be along to share their experiences with you and offer advice but in the meantime feel free to contact others here and join the conversations going on, to find posts you might be interested in reading, you can use the search engine from the left-hand side of the blue banner at the top of this page. I hope this helps.

Best wishes to you and your dad,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator