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10 Dec 2017 21:45

I saw this place to chat on an over 50s forum and thought it would good to join in.  I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in September.  My first chemo had to be abandoned as I had an allergic reaction on my second cycle.  I've since had a Hickman Line fitted and start my second cycle of the new chemo tomorrow.  Just hope it goes well!  


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10 Dec 2017 22:54 in response to Valerierose

Hi there Valerie... welcome and thinking of you tomoz... hope that one goes better ... let us know how you go ... sorry only quick answer but bit whacked tonight as had busy week end ... but you go lass ... and smash this round of chemo chrisie xx ❤

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11 Dec 2017 18:31 in response to Valerierose

Hi Valerierose I was diagnosed in August with bowel,lung,liver cancers my first chemo was evil they reduced it by 25% now I can tolerate it I have a pic-line let me know how you get on I'm on number 7




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11 Dec 2017 18:43 in response to Valerierose

How did your chemo go today (if you feel up to telling us)?  Hoping it went okay.

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11 Dec 2017 20:18 in response to Valerierose

Welcome Valerie

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12 Dec 2017 19:22 in response to AdrianW

Thank you everyone for your replies.  I’m not feeling too bad at the moment but I think the first three days on steroids helps.  When I arrived for my chemo yesterday I had good news and bad news (good news really).  I had a gene test which turned out normal (only 30% chance of this) so I had extra targeted drugs.  My normal four hours on the unit turned into six and a half hours!  Not complaining really lol!  

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12 Dec 2017 19:25 in response to Chriss

Hi and thanks for your response Chrisie.  My reply to everyone seems to have gone to AdrianW, I’ve not worked out how to respond to everyone in one go yet!  

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12 Dec 2017 19:28 in response to Littlekittt

I think my Hickman line is probably a picc line.  I have to nurse a little pump in a bum bag for 46 hours every two weeks.  Do you have this same treatment Littlekitt?  

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12 Dec 2017 19:30 in response to Annieliz

It went pretty well but I’m still wired up until tomorrow afternoon when I have my little pump removed.  I think the steroids for the first three days are a big help.  

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12 Dec 2017 20:38 in response to Valerierose

Don't feel you have to reply to us indivdually; anybody who is conversing with you will read all the posts.  I am not good at sorting technical things out either but nobody is going to be offended if you reply to one person and include everyone else in the response.  Keep on keeping on; glad it wasn't so bad.  Good on yer!