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16 May 2017 14:07

Just joined nice to meet you

Re: Hello

18 May 2017 13:50 in response to LadyAine

Hello LadyAine, I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to Cancer Chat although I’m sorry for the reasons that bring you here.

Do feel free to post as much as you want and join the conversations going on here, our members are very friendly and I’m sure they’ll be happy to chat with you.

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: Hello

18 May 2017 14:58 in response to LadyAine

Hi LadyAine, lovely to meet you. How are you doing? Audrey.

Re: Hello

18 May 2017 15:48 in response to LadyAine

Hello I am new on here too my mum has inoperable stomach cancer that's spread to her Pancras and lymph nodes 

Re: Hello

18 May 2017 16:14 in response to LadyAine

Hi. Also just joined.

I feel slightly awkward about this, but want to get my head around what may - or may not be happening and get to grips with what I need to focus on: work to support family etc

Unfortunately, I've never had a life-long patient / doctor relationship; so every time I see a (different) GP at our local practice about any concern, we end up trawling through varying diagnosis' and treatment. Sure enough, when I go back for the follow-up appointment, I'll always end up seeing a different GP and we start-over.

I've just had minor surgery for suspected melanoma on my shoulder. I know this sounds  picky, with GP services at full stretch; but I just need to get to the bottom of what's going on and get some continuity, so I can get a grip - good or bad. PS...Addenbrooks are brilliant!


Re: Hello

18 May 2017 18:09 in response to LadyAine

Hello! I'm Dari, and I have non small cell adenocarcinoma lung.  Nice to meet you LadyAine

Re: Hello

19 May 2017 10:48 in response to Moderator Renata
Thank you Renata

Re: Hello

19 May 2017 10:50 in response to Audrey

Hi Audrey nice to meet  you too doing okay Annie

Re: Hello

19 May 2017 10:52 in response to Janie52

Hi Janie


Mine to is inoperable I enjoy each day as it comes and I have a daft sense of humour nice to meet you


Re: Hello

19 May 2017 10:58 in response to John.S

Hi John, nice to meet you

I make sure I see the same Doctor all the time even if I have to wait,

as new doctor was sending me for CT Scan did not read notes to

find out why kidney only operating at 50% I had only one left



Re: Hello

19 May 2017 10:59 in response to dariwasserman

Hello Dari

Nice to meet you to