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Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

18 Feb 2019 11:19

The Cancer Awareness Roadshow is back in London, the North East and Scotland for 2019 and looking for new volunteers!

This role is to encourage members of the public to learn about early diagnosis and reduce their risk of getting cancer.

This is an amazing opportunity to work closely with the Cancer Roadshow Nurses and make a difference near you. Full training will be provided.

Find out more information and download an application below.

Health Awareness Volunteer application – London

Health Awareness Volunteer application – North East

Health Awareness Volunteer application - Scotland

Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

7 Mar 2019 18:09 in response to Moderator Anastasia

I don’t know how I missed this post - it probably got lost in the background noise.

i’ve been volunteering in this role for over four years now and couldn’t recommend it more highly.




Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

24 Mar 2019 22:17 in response to Moderator Anastasia


is this something that will come to Wales at all?xxx

Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

26 Mar 2019 15:27 in response to MarieR77

The NW team usually visits parts of N Wales in the Summer, not sure about the rest. I’ll try to find a link to the 2019 programme.

Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

2 Apr 2019 12:32 in response to davek

Hi both,

Volunteers went to Wrexham for four days in October last year and they are looking to return to Wales this year. Information about the location will be online once confirmed, so keep an eye out for that!

Moderator Anastasia

Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

2 Apr 2019 19:40 in response to Moderator Anastasia

That’s great!  I’ll certainky keep an eye out. 

Thanks for letting me know!

Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

21 Jun 2019 18:43 in response to Moderator Anastasia


was wondering if there are any volunteering positions available?


Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

22 Jun 2019 13:52 in response to JBarratt

Health Awareness Volunteers Needed

22 Jun 2019 14:03 in response to davek

Hello JBarratt,

Thanks for your interest. Applications for Health Awareness Volunteers have closed this year, but will reopen in March 2020. In the meantime you can find information here and if you have any further questions you can email For other volunteers roles, you can see the page that davek has posted.

Moderator Anastasia