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Health anxiety & waiting for breast clinic appointment

17 Dec 2019 17:42

Hi all,

I haven't long been back from the doctors who have referred me to the breast clinic within the next 2 weeks. I generally have "lumpy" breasts which have been checked before, but this week I identified a small lump which felt different to the others. 

I have pretty severe health anxiety, and worry incessantly, already assuming the worst etc. I'm very very scared as I actually felt relatively unconcerned about this lump originally but I've been crying non stop (I even sobbed to my neighbour as we bumped into each other when I was on my way home). I just don't know what to do or how to deal with this or what may happen. I want it to all be okay but a part of me feels like it definitely won't Sad

There's no breast cancer history in my family but whilst I'm young (28) I have had CIN3 cells removed following my first smear test. 

Any comfort would be very much appreciated, please Sad


Health anxiety & waiting for breast clinic appointment

18 Dec 2019 10:29 in response to Maria1991

Hi Maria1991

Sorry you are feeling so anxious it is a terrifying time. After reading lots on this forum I get the impression the wait is worse than after any diagnosis. Fingers crossed it's ok.

Always here if you need a rant!


Health anxiety & waiting for breast clinic appointment

23 Dec 2019 14:10 in response to S800TEF

Thank you for your reply Happy I have a breast clinic appointment tomorrow. I've been relatively calm but filled with sheer terror and panic now. 

The lump I found last week started as firm and moveable, then it changed to soft and moveable and now I can't bloody feel it, although both breasts feel their usual lumpy selves which is typical for when I'm due on my period (which is meant to start this week).  The right part of my back (it's the right breast that had the lump/is sore) hurts though which is what's scaring me as I worry its something sinister/spread. 

I slept very badly last night and I'm so worried of what tomorrow will bring.  


Health anxiety & waiting for breast clinic appointment

23 Dec 2019 19:19 in response to Maria1991


Hi Maria,

Welcome to our forum. I am sorry to hear of your symptoms. it is not uncommon to feel as scared as you are now. Most of us feel like this to start with, but things generally settle down once we know what we are dealing with.

It is unusual to have pain with breast cancer, so I hope that there is a simpler solution for you. I shall be thinking of you tomorrow and hope that all goes well for you.

Please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Health anxiety & waiting for breast clinic appointment

7 Apr 2021 22:59 in response to Maria1991

Hi, did you find out what it was?:) xx