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Health Anxiety Overload

6 Oct 2020 14:59

Hi, I've suffered with my anxiety over health issues for 5 years now. And don't mean to offend anyone who has been diagnosed. For several weeks I've been caught in the Brain Tumor trap. Convinced myself I have it. Anxiety is overload. And has swallowed me up. Taken over 90% of my day. I constantly have this feeling in my head like I'm not here and on auto pilot maybe even a little dizzy. I try to tell myself not to google, but cave in every time and research. I find a new symptom of it and the next day I have it. I don't suffer with headaches, or any of the main symptoms. I just convinced myself one day I have it and it's rolled on from that point. I feel like I'm never going to be myself again and hate the way I feel. I just want to be on my own and feel sorry for myself. I have this feeling in my head all day everyday. I am constantly thinking about my worries every minute of the day. Does any one else feel like this? Is this just my anxiety? I can't explain the feeling I have in my head like a fog in my head.  I can't convince myself it's just anxiety everything has to be severe. Even starting to get strained eyes at the moment. Can anyone let me know if they have the same anxiety symptoms 

Health Anxiety Overload

7 Oct 2020 10:03 in response to Laurence1234

Hi there Lawrence.

First of all if you do have any symptoms that concern you then you should be speaking to your GP. You won’t find answers on a cancer forum and all it is doing is fuelling your anxiety. We do acknowledge that you are dealing with very real symptoms and have severe health anxiety issues which do need addressing but as you have acknowledged, these are mental health issues and not cancer issues. 

Try to open up to your GP about your health anxieties and try to get help for that, you can also refer yourself directly for psychological therapies. The NHS have some helpful information about health anxiety here or you could try the charity Anxiety UK who have a helpline where you can speak to someone who is experienced in dealing with these issues.

In the meantime try to stay away from cancer forums and from Googling your symptoms as it is only making you more anxious.

We wish you all the best.