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Hard times

12 Oct 2017 22:17

Need real friends around me this period is very hard to me over thinking and bad thoughts is killing me every single second

Re: Hard times

14 Oct 2017 19:17 in response to Hamad

Hello Hamad,  just found your post.  So sorry you are feeling so bad - if you could let us know a bit about yourself and what the problem is maybe we could help, there are lots of people on here willing to lend an ear. 

Meantime I send my best wishes, take care.

Hazel x


Re: Hard times

14 Oct 2017 19:25 in response to haze44

Sorry Hamad, I have just found your other posts and see that it is your dad who is ill with prostate cancer.  I am so sorry, there are many of us on here who know your pain - we are always here if you need to talk. 

Hazel xx

Re: Hard times

16 Oct 2017 12:29 in response to haze44

Thank you very much I do appreciate your reply my

Friend my pain is endless really need good friends around me feeling my pain