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Hard Lumps on Abdomen

9 May 2019 18:38

I have noticed 3 hard lumps on my stomach, 2 about 2 inches above my belly button and 1 a few inches above those. You can't see them but you can feel them when you press and they hurt. I have also had stabbing pains in my lower and upper stomach, cramping, gas, different bowel movements and noisy stomach in general. I am terrified of cancer. I am going to the doctor but was hoping to chat to someone. 

I am a 24 year old female with a lot of belly fat if that helps. 

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

9 May 2019 19:53 in response to KristinaMaria17

Hi Kristina, 

It's so easy to start panicing when we find a lump on our bodies but completely understandable, I am exactly the same. I think its definetly a good move going to the doctors, with all your symptoms sounds like there must be something going on, I know its hard but try not to jump to conculsions, their are many things it could be rather than cancer. I hope your docs shed some light on what it could be. Do you have these symptoms all the time? When did you notice them? I hope you find some answers soon, we are always here if you need us. 

Hope you are ok, 


Hard Lumps on Abdomen

2 Sep 2019 20:41 in response to KristinaMaria17

How’s things going?

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

4 Nov 2019 17:28 in response to KristinaMaria17

Hi, just wondered, did you ever find out what the lumps were? Hope you're ok! 

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

29 Jan 2021 21:49 in response to KristinaMaria17

Hi, did you ever find out what the abdominal lumps were? I am worried about mine x

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

27 Feb 2021 07:06 in response to Butterfly1987


did anyone find out what their lumps on tummy or 

above belly button as I have several and they hurt when 

touched and when I bend down it’s so sore 

thankyou x

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

1 Mar 2021 09:56 in response to catmouse

Hi, so I had an ultrasound of my entire abdomen and they couldn't see what I was feeling! They said they must just be little fatty lumps tissue in the layers of the skin, definitely no raised lymph nodes anywhere. They said sometimes fatty tissue can become inflamed and perhaps thats what I can feel. I can still feel some of them slightly but they have gone down a bit now. Very weird!!! But reassuring x

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

2 Mar 2021 21:16 in response to Butterfly1987

Hello butterfly1987

i still haven’t gone to doctor with these I’m terrified 

I’m glad u say fatty lumps but my stomach sometimes is 

in pain when I bend or even been still but I also have 

Ibs so I don’t know ! 

Im happy you got good news  xx 

I will make an appointment but it. Is also hard to get 

one at the minute with the covid , thank you for replying 

and putting me at least a little at ease x x 

i will let u know as soon as I get sorted what diagnosis

i get plz god there nothing xxx 

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

15 Apr 2021 14:39 in response to catmouse

Hi all, 


I wonder if anyone has had any results so far?? 

I am very worried about my own. I have found a lump in the upper abdomen on the right hand side about a month ago that is hard, doesnt move and hurts when pressed. I went to my gp straight away and got reffered to an ultrasound for a suspected lipoma or hernia. So a month later I had the ultrasound on Monday afternoon and they said to follow up with gp day after.

I called late morning and they said results were not back and my GP is not in until Wednesday and to call then. I receiced a call on same day Tuesday afternoon with results from another gp. The scan was inconclusive but not a hernia and doesnt seem to be a lipoma. It is irregular in shape and has vascularities within my muscle. 

So my gp has now refered me for an urgent referral to the surgical team and I should hear back within 10 days.

To say I am worried about it is an uderstatement, and I know I shouldn't google image scans but they link up to similar pictures of a sarcoma. 

Has anyone had a similar experience and can give me some guidance/hope?

Thank you in advance x

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

15 Apr 2021 20:57 in response to Red112

Hi Red112

I still waiting on appointment for doctors so I'm pretty much in same boat as you 

I have upper abdomen lump and small lumps it causes pain also and I am afraid also 


If you get your results please update x 

And I wish you all the best and great results of relieve this is catmouse I just forgot my password so made new account xxxx

Hard Lumps on Abdomen

16 Apr 2021 14:52 in response to Catmouse_1

Oh bless you, thank you for your response. 

Am I right in thinking you are still waiting for a gp appointment? Yes I will try to share once things are moving again. I forgot to mention my bloods have been investigated for around 9 months now with no concrete answers of whats wrong, I just know that my bloods dont clot as well as they should but nowhere near bad enough to be heamophylia. So now wondering if its all related. Last blood tests were in February and I have finally received an appointment with hematology again for the end of this month - cant be anything bad if they are not in a rush :) 

Hope your appointment comes quickly x