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Hard Lump on Lower Leg

24 Apr 2020 02:32 in response to Cod87

did u hear back have have found a lump that slightly tender on my shin and im worried sick unable to sleep  cant see a reply to anybodys questions on here


Hard Lump on Lower Leg

28 May 2020 20:05 in response to Cod87
Hi Cod, Did you get any news about your lumps and bumps? Be good to know buddy. Hope you’re all good Happy

Hard Lump on Lower Leg

29 May 2020 10:01 in response to Archie1999

I honestly don't understand how this site works. I've tried to post a response twice and didn't work. In case this one does, my lump sorted itself , it became bruised after a few days and dissapeared in about a week. Good luck everyone!

Hard Lump on Lower Leg

17 Jul 2020 22:34 in response to hollyw318

Hi, I am in the same situation as a lot of people here, finding one lump on my shin that started to get bigger, more painful, and multiplying by the week. I eventually went to the doctor after doing some research on them and my gp agreed it's something called "Erythema Nodosum". As far as I can recall she said it's basically the result of another infection in the body, in my case it was a chest infection. I think in total I had 7/8 lumps, but there's been cases of up to 50. They usually last up to 6 weeks but I've just hit the 6 almost 7 month mark and that's me down to just one rather painful one on my upper ankle. I had 4 different blood tests done rather than scans and that showed one of my levels which show infection was sky high. It was the most uncommonly done test as well that came back unusual. Anyway I hope this helps someone out there find some answers!

Hard Lump on Lower Leg

8 Nov 2020 23:21 in response to Cod87

Hi everyone, I hope you are all ok?


I am looking for some advice?

For the past few weeks I have had a pain which I thought was a sprained ankle. Turns out just above my ankle, at the side of the bottom of my leg, I have pinpoint pain, and what feels like a 'bump' in my bone. It is very painful to touch, and slightly uncomfortable with walking.


I am going to call the doctor's tomorrow, but I don't know if I warrant it , or warrant an x-ray? Any advice would be great


Thank you!


Hard Lump on Lower Leg

26 Nov 2020 15:02 in response to Littlestewpot


I'm new to the forum, just been googling (as you do) and found this group.

I would get it checked out.  I have a new lump which is bang in the middle of my shin and its very painful to touch.  

I've put a call into the Dr's, expecting a phone call or video appointment given the current situation.

I am petrified, Dr Google has of course already diagnosed me.

Hope you get sorted x

Hard Lump on Lower Leg

26 Jan 2021 01:50 in response to Littlestewpot

Hi ♡


Could I just ask, have you gotten to the bottom of this?

My symptoms are exactly the same more or less, not a lump on my shin instead on my inner ankle bone, it's small and painful.


Hope to hear from you soon..



Hard Lump on Lower Leg

22 Feb 2021 12:55 in response to Vicky68034

I've found a lump on my right foot, I'm concerned about it I think it's arthritis but not sure, not painful only when I put me trainers on as it goes over the lump then it's painful I don't know what to do?

Hard Lump on Lower Leg

23 Feb 2021 11:03 in response to elanny1988

Just made an account to reply to this and see what happenend and if you ever got a diagnosis?

I started with some lumps in the front of my lower legs when pregnant but they went after the first trimester. As soon as baby was born they came back and I now have 20+ lumps in total, there are also bruises at every lump site and wondered if yours were the same?

I had a dermatology appointment yesterday and he suggested it was just over scarring? Which seems an odd thing to suggest when I have no lumps anywhere else in my body. I was worried it might have been Sarcoidosis as my tattoos and scars have all been reacting weird and scabbing over, I had uveitis as well last year and have a load of other little symptoms and I'm waiting for a biopsy appointment.


Hoping you've managed to get it sorted and would appreicate any suggestions etc with things to try/suggest to the GP moving forward Happy