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Growing lumps behind ear

12 Oct 2019 08:05

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago I found a solid, immobile lump behind my ear which has now grown and there are two. 

I’ve been to the GP who was quite concerned and discussed Lymphoma with me. I was referred to ENT as a matter of urgency and I have an appointment with Maxillofacial surgery next week, what should I expect from this appointment? The letter was very vague. Also are there any other symptoms? 

Thanks in advance. 

Growing lumps behind ear

12 Oct 2019 10:57 in response to Middy

My husband is being assessed currently for a lump in the neck. Lymphona might give you night sweats, be prepared for everyone you see to ask about these each time they see you They will also ask about weight loss. My husband has no such symptoms, I hope you dont.. 

Lumps can come up behind the ear for a variety of reasons - and one is reactive lymph nodes. This can happen in response to an infection, especially in that location an ear infection so you can also expect to be asked about any infections you have had recently. Reactive lymph nodes are harmless and may go down of their own accord or you may need treatement for the infection. 

Expect them to have a good feel of the lumps and to look in your ears. They may also want to look around your mouth.

They may want to do a biopsy. If so there are a couple of types but you may get an ultasound appointment during which they put a needle in and extract some cells. No anaesthetic but they wipe a gel on you, my husband found a bit still behind his ear later :)  He could have watched what they were doing - kept his eyes shut but they did a reply to double check they got to the right place. At that time the radiologist said try not to worry too much as it looked benign to him - however only an experienced radiologist might do that and then only if pretty sure. 

My husband sees a consultant on Monday so we'll know more then. 

Most lumps and bumps behind an ear are either harmless or easily treatable, try not to worry too much.

Growing lumps behind ear

13 Oct 2019 08:32 in response to anotheralias

Thank you very much for your reply.

I don’t have night sweats as such but throughout the day I get cold sweats. No weight loss for me. Only fatigue is what I’ve noticed really. 

Thanks for the information on the appointment, anxiety through the roof as you can imagine, however you’ve helped settle that, I’m glad things are looking good for your husband. Fingers crossed tomorrow goes well, keep us posted. 

I guess all I can do is wait and try to be patient. 

Growing lumps behind ear

14 Oct 2019 22:43 in response to anotheralias

How did things go for your husband today?

Growing lumps behind ear

16 Oct 2019 20:56 in response to Middy

The radiologist had decided when he took a closer look that it was "heterogeneous" so maybe not as benign as it first appeared. Still saying probably a lymph node but not prepared to be sufficiently definite about it. So the consultants wants him to have a scan, see if it's still there (seems to have shrunk and he couldnt feel a lump now) and if it is they'll put a bigger needle in and take more cells out. This time he'll need a local anaesthetic. 

According to Dr Google the thin needle biopsy doesnt give a clear answer anything like as often as this one, so if we'd known that we might have said can we just do it once please. The surgeon is not really Doc Martin (not rude) but he doesnt communicate much.

He was offered the opportunity to have it removed anyway, that would be a day case procedure..  The surgeon doesnt think delay matters because with no other symptoms if if isnt benign it's low grade so he recommended another scan.

Should have said my husbands lump wasnt behind the ear, they are less risky.