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good news

26 Jan 2018 08:16

Hi every one good news time has staerted.yesterday i had sigmoidoscopy and there was no visible tumour just scar tissue and tattoo where marked last time so chemo has done fantastic job .so were real pleased with that see oncologist today all staff were as pleased as me cant believe it 

Re: good news

26 Jan 2018 08:33 in response to tigercub

Hello; I haven't really chatted with you before much but was so pleased to see your news that I wanted to say "Great stuff!".  |I had never heard of sigmoidoscopy so with your help (and that of the NHS website) I have learned something.  Just had a quick look at some of your earlier posts and will take a longer look now - it is amazing what I can find to do rather than housework.  Seriously though, great news for you.

Re: good news

26 Jan 2018 09:23 in response to tigercub
Hi Tigercub- I was just thinking about you. Absolutely amazing news!!!! Well done You! I know it's been a rough ride to get here but you did it! Here's hoping that the op goes better than expected. Take it easy and stay warm. Onwards and upwards!

Re: good news

26 Jan 2018 09:29 in response to Jbains

Hi thanks .it wasnt nice procedure needed entonox gas n air as in childbirth and consultant was telling me when breath harder knowing when was going be bit more painful .but your right next screen so you see whole thing inside of you very strange but well worth it for result .so off hospital soon hopefully hear next steps gwt rid tumour in liver but he said i had very good response to chemo .fingers xxxxx will update later 

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26 Jan 2018 09:32 in response to Annieliz

Hi thanks for reply i never really know where post things on here at first i seem be on section breast cancer patients but just plod on .yes was very pleased and staff were all happy at result silver lining must be near 

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26 Jan 2018 09:43 in response to tigercub

Woo hoo!! ... you go girl ...  another kick up the ass to cancer ...  ❤

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26 Jan 2018 09:46 in response to Chriss

Hi thanks yes kick it up ass.also removes worry of stoma or bag .best bit news in 5 months .my daughter is so happy its been hard for her 

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26 Jan 2018 09:51 in response to tigercub

That's great news Tigercub Happy 

I hope your meeting with the oncologist goes well today and fingers crossed for the next stage of the process.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

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26 Jan 2018 09:53 in response to Moderator Steph

Thankyou.definatey a boost .we needed it

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26 Jan 2018 11:37 in response to tigercub

Fantastic Happy

I'm so pleased for you!


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26 Jan 2018 11:49 in response to tigercub

It's at times like this I wish these forums had a thumbs up button allowing the numerous people who read and cheer at your good news the opportunity to send you a signal of support without having to write an actual message. 

So, until we have a button, I'll just have to say here's a thumbs up from me! 

Re: good news

26 Jan 2018 12:03 in response to tigercub

That’s fantastic news Tigercub, really pleased for you!

Re: good news

26 Jan 2018 13:23 in response to tigercub

Eeeeeee well done u- chuffed t bits for u. Love a bit of good news:-) 

celebrate with joy me dear x

Re: good news

26 Jan 2018 14:26 in response to tigercub

Very good news! Harry