Good Article "After The Treatment Finishes - Then What"

7 Dec 2013 13:28

Max 56 suggested this article to another poster and I picked up on it. It is written by Dr. Peter Harvey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and is very informative and insightful for cancer patients who have finished treatment for cancer and then are wondering how to move on from there. This article puts into words what many cancer patients are feeling at this stage in their journey. Although I am still having treatment myself, I know many friends and family members who have been, and are now, at this point in the process of dealing with cancer, (and I hope I reach that point soon) who wonder, "what now?"   I read this article and it "hits the nail right on the head" as to how he describes the framework for understanding the feelings one may have at this point. I believe we need all the help we can get to help us cope at every stage in dealing with cancer with all of its' fears and aprehensions. I would certainly recommend it as a good read for anyone having, or having had treatment for cancer.

Max56 is a great resouce on this forum. Thank you Max for your supportive posts to so many people on this site. You have a way with always saying the right thing when people on here need to hear some reassuring words of comfort.