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14 May 2018 23:24

My closest friend aged 46 has been diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma that cannot be operared on. Her husband was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer 8 weeks ago. 

We are all in shock and trying our best to be supportive. The biggest problem right now is that they both haven't stopped arguing, sniping at each other. 

My friend which I will call Anna cannot bare being in the same room as him. He can do no right. 

Is this the glioblastoma making her feel like this or is it just resentment, anger and fear coming out.

Right now the only solution I can see is if the split up but how can they after 25 years of marriage?

I want Anna to be happy in her last year's/months how can I help?

Thank you

Re: Glioblastoma

17 May 2018 10:00 in response to GBDL

Welcome to the forum GBDL.

I'm really sorry to read about your friend and their husband and the impact their cancer diagnoses is having on their relationship.

There are so many emotions that a person goes through when finding out they've been diagnosed with cancer - which you can find out more about here (even more so with a terminal diagnosis) so it may be that they are both trying to work through this in their own way but as a result getting angry and resentful with each other in the process. The glioblastoma may be having some impact on her behaviour as well but only her medical team would be able to confirm that for sure.

Many members here have been in a similar situation, be it with their parents or friends, and hopefully some of them will pop by soon to offer their support and advice. In the meantime just letting Anna know you're there for her if she needs you may prove to be the best support you can give her at this moment in time.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator