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Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

7 Nov 2020 19:45 in response to Charlie3689

I had a similar experience last year, I opted for sedation, had canula in my arm ready, but doc said I would be fine with throat spray, how wrong he was. I was gagging and retching, he eventually gave me the sedation which had no effect, changed to a smaller tube and eventually managed to get through it. It was a horrible experience and now I am due to have another one. The only way they will be doing it this time is if they put me to sleep


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

30 Nov 2020 19:01 in response to Hownow

I had an upper gi endoscopy 15 years ago for the first time and was a little apprehensive about the gag reflex. As I was waiting my turn, sitting in the room with all the post procedure patients lying in beds burping and farting, I decided that if possible I would have the procedure without sedation. The nurse explained to me that sedated or not, I would be fully compus mentis during the procedure but the sedation would make me forget much of what had gone on! Well, for me, it was a no brainer. No sedation (which pleased the doc for some reason). No throat spray was offered. So, a case of swallow the tube down with a bit of lube,with lots of reassurance from the nurse. Hey, no gag reflex! Not the most pleasant experience, but totally painless. 

I had another one 10 years ago, and opted for no sedation again, but this time I was given the throat numbing drink. This time, as the doc was telling me to swallow the scope, I was beside myself with frustation yelling at the doc, in my head, as it isn`t possible to speak,that I can`t swallow you fool, you`ve just numbed my throat! He then just pushed the scope down my throat, with my constant retching not seeming to bother him! Anyway, if my experiences may help anyone about to undertake this procedure, I would def choose the first option. Oh, and I had no bad results.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

2 Dec 2020 06:56 in response to telemando

Hi everyone, I had my gastroscopy procedure yesterday and reading all of these posts before hand absolutely scared the life out of me. People are only willing to post there bad experiences.  Just had a couple sprays of throat spray which just numbed my mouth and the back of my throat. But I am 17 years old and I had no sedation and was completely fine. Believe it or not I didn't even gag. If you're going to go in the making it fuss which it sounds like a lot of these people did it's going to be much more tramatic. Absolutely 0 pain. Just slightly uncomfortable and just a bit strange really. But if you're due to get one please do not listen to all these horror stories. It's over it ten minutes and is really no where near as bad as all these posts. A recurring theme throughout all the posts is people thinking the sedation is going to stop the gagging for them you are going to gag no matter what!! You're better off dealing with it for 5 minutes so you can leave straight after. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

1 Jan 2021 10:00 in response to Charlie3689

I would ask for the sedative in the back of your hand. YOu will remeber very little and the gastroscopist will have a really good view of the lining of your gullet and stomach from all angles, a better view than a barium swallow. Ask them to spray the front of your tongue, so you can swallow the lidocaine, so it coats the back of your throat gradually, with no gagging. Allow time for it to work, before you swallow the scope.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

1 Jan 2021 10:12 in response to Jonmat

I was going to ask Dr Moran on YouTUbe, but left it a little late, on how long you need to allow the local anaesthetic to start working. The look into my urethra, was quite soon after administering the anaesthetic gell. BUt was not too uncomfortable.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

1 Jan 2021 12:06 in response to wilsonftct

Gingito 30.11.20 above you on this site had bit of lube on scope and swallowed. No gag reflex, totally painless. Definitely wants same again.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

19 Jan 2021 18:35 in response to Relax

I just had my OGD /gastroscopy this morning without sedation.  Whilst it wasn't particularly painful (oesophageal biopsys did hurt a bit - not too bad).  However it is a pretty full on experience - if you have the choice - I'd go sedation next time.  However if I had a reason not to choose sedation - I could bare it again without.  I retched a fair bit when the scope was being moved either in or out - and you have to tolerate a lot of fluid gurgling in your airway - which is freaky - but managed to find a zone where it was ok to breath - I can see someone who's not good with choking/retching/controlling their breathing could have a really bad time...(thinks maybe I've been drunk too many times rather than brave)

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

20 Jan 2021 18:23 in response to benmcben

Thank you for your reply. I had looked at as many YouTube videos of 'My experience with' and there was a comment of one man, who wrote train yourself like Hudini, and keep BREATHING! Touching the side of the pharynx does not elicit such a strong gag reflex as the centre of the pharynx. Very gently touching the lining, with your finger tip or finger nail, repeatedly, doing it 3-4 times a day, over 4 days, enabled minimal gagging, one minor start, brought under control with rapid breathing in and out through the nose - snorting. Another had found he was worse with the anaesthtic spray than with lube jelly on scope. So I took your advice, and no anaesthetic spray. No sedation, could drive home myself. Someone has to look after our daughter. I would definitely do the same next time. If you were to try training your gag reflex, you might benefit too. Good luck for next time.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

25 Jan 2021 23:11 in response to madisonw

Just because you didn't have any issues doesn't mean that other people's bad experiences are to be looked down upon. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

9 Feb 2021 22:32 in response to Cazd27

Totally agree with you. I didn't look on any forums before this precedure as didn't want to give myself further anxiety but if you do I'd strongly urge anyone to have the sedation ( it shouldn't even be an option without) .

I had my gastroscopy today I went in completely calm and it was extremely traumatic for me .... I really wish I'd gone for the sedation. 

To describe the tube as thin is ludicrous, mine looked like a hose  pipe ....I'm aware some are much thinner though. I vomited chunks throughout ,despite not eating for the recommended hrs beforehand (only small amount of cereal) I too felt like I was choking . Had I had sedation I've no doubt my experience would have been completely different . 

this post isn't to scare anybody on the contrary ,take it as good advice and have the sedation and I'm sure it will be fine . 


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

10 Feb 2021 21:11 in response to telemando

I had one today. I was pretty apprehensive before hand. I had the spray on the back of the throat. The procedure is uncomfortable but not painful. I did find myself gagging etc. The spray makes you think you can't swallow but in reality you can. 
pverall I didn't find it as bad as what I thought it was going to be. I'd describe it as uncomfortable but not painful or severe. For me I found that trying to remain calm, understanding that you can breath and can swollen although it feels strange. And although uncomfortable isn't painful. You do gag, and burp but that's all normal. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

23 Mar 2021 22:01 in response to Rich1175

Thanks everyone who has posted here. I read them all before I had a gastroscopy today, and my experience was similar to Rich1175.

I was most worried about constant gagging, since I'm pretty bad with even just a covid test. I decided not to have sedation. The throat numbing spray was almost the worst bit, causing gagging and retching. Once the tube was in, I retched from time to time but the staff were very kind and reassuring and distracted me with funny conversation. I would compare the experience with when you're being really sick and frequently retching with nothing coming up. It's nasty but bearable for a couple of minutes. 

Overall I would say yes it is a nasty experience, but not unbearably so. You will be OK. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

22 Apr 2021 19:16 in response to Mcib23

I went through an endoscopy today. I read this forum with all the horror stories and opted for sedation. Two nurses tried both arms & hands but neither could find a vein so I was left with no option but to go for the throat spray.

Looking back now I'd definitely choose that option again. Yes it is really uncomfortable but it's over in about 3 minutes so just keep telling yourself that. You can't really swollow but you know it'll be over really quick. For me the procedure itself wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. If I needed another for any reason I'd certainly go with the throat spray again and would advise my family to do the same.

To be feeling myself half hour later it was worth putting up with some discomfort. For me it's just mind over matter and with some slow & steady breathing through my nose I found it acceptable.



Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

22 Apr 2021 20:34 in response to telemando

I had a gastroscopy last Saturday . 
I had sedation but it didn't put me out I remember everything , I even watched it all on the screen . I felt all the biopsies being taken but I didn't panic . 
They said I did really well . 
waiting for results .

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

4 May 2021 19:51 in response to dazzer71

I am so pleased I read the posts here. I have had endoscopic and HALO treatments, all with sedation, so endorse the positive comments.  I am due to go for another routine check up endoscopy next week and was considering having just the throat spray to save time, but having read the mostly horrendous experiences of some of you, I am not going to risk it! No way. The thought of retching is bad enough but choking sensations would produce real panic and probably halt the procedure. Because of Covid, I had to wait a year for this appointment,  so don't  want to mess up. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

4 May 2021 20:08 in response to shnooks


Just remember you may have the same experience with sedation. You may not remember it later or you may do. I've had two using the throat spray and gagged a lot more on the second one even though I knew what was coming. I'm not easily sedated which is why I've not tried it for this procedure. It doesnt last long and you can just go home afterwards.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 May 2021 07:38 in response to Jonmat

Yes and it's an advantage not hanging around in Recovery, but I am more concerned about possibly  going into a panic and having the procedure halted . It can't be easy trying to take pictures of the gullet if the patient is squirming around.! I think I shall go prepared to have my mind changed  but ready for sedation as the fasting etc is the same requirement and I can get other half to pick up at short notice. 


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

10 May 2021 09:45 in response to shnooks

Had it twice - sedated both times. A breeze. Second time was awake till they put a rubber thing in my mouth and I thought, 'Oh God the sedation hasn't worked! I'm going to be awake!' Moment of horror then, two seconds later it seemed, I heard somebody say, 'It's over!' No memory whatsoever of the procedure. Don't be a hero! Sedation every time! 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

11 May 2021 14:01 in response to duzeler

I would agree, but yesterday I had the endoscopy (now the 3rd), received the sedation( 2mg. Midazolam) just before the procedure began and I too thought it wasn't going to work. The strangest thing was that unlike the previous times, when I ,like you, found myself in Recovery being asked if I wanted a cuppa, I felt everything that was happening and though it was just uncomfortable, I gagged several times, which was an awful feeling as it also felt like choking. Yet the sedation must have worked  at a certail level, because I felt strangely disembodied! I also didn't have the throat spray and last time I am almost sure I had both the spray and sedation. Altogether very weird. I don't know why I didn't ask the Reovery nurse about the experience- I think I just wanted to have my tea and toast and get out.  Any one else experienced this feeling of having  beein givien the sedation, but feeling as if one hadn't?

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

11 May 2021 15:33 in response to dazzer71

I had an upper endoscopy procedure yesterday with sedation.. At end of March I had one without sedation.  It was difficult but I managed it.  Yesterday they seemed to fire sedation into me and start straightaway.  I did not feel relaxed and I think they started much too soon.  I really struggled with them and was trying to pull the equipment out.  Not a good experience at all.  Most disappointing.


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

18 May 2021 21:39 in response to wilsonftct

You can have a general anaesthetic,  it just costs a lot more that's why they don't normally offer it as an option.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

19 May 2021 00:04 in response to Tracie56

I'm so glad I read this post, my anxiety was lifted! I got one today and chose the sedation and honestly didn't feel a thing it was the best experience I could have asked for! I went for the procedure 2 years ago without sedation and couldn't go through with it but glad I went back and took it and it's now over and done with! I was in and out within 2 hours and I feel great now! It's really mind over matter if anyone is waiting to get this procedure don't be scared it's really straight forward and the doctors and nurses are so nice they do so many of these everyday 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

19 May 2021 08:04 in response to Paisley1234

I posted in here about 2 years ago following my gastroscopy telling you all that I had absolutely nothing. Yes no throat spray, no sedation and having read this forum previously to going was scared to death. It took less than 4 minutes, the doctor talked me through it I didn't particularly gag. Doctor reassured me I would not be sick as my stomach was empty, I would not chock as the tube was not big enough to chock on and I could definitely breath through my nose like I did every day and night when sleeping. I posted that I would be having another one in 8 weeks then Covid hit and it ended up being about another year before I had the next one.

It was not a fluke, the experience was identical. It was calm, relaxed, painless and was over in less than 3 minutes. Please don't spend endless hours reading these horror stories. Any experience is what you make it. I would happily hold people's hand and talk you through the whole process and happily take it for you. If I had to have one of these every single day to potentially save my life I would do it without hesitation. I promise you it is not that bad trust me.

With the right frame of mind, your glass half full (thank the lord you have a glass at all I say) and kind nurses and doctors to talk you through it you will be fine I promise.


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 Jun 2021 07:46 in response to scones

Had a awfull exerprience yesterday with getting a camra down my throat sadation didn't do a thing for me wasint relxsdor anything they spray my throat twice I start borking of it lot out Hurs in made it worse with that threw up something twice must been the spray start choking on it then then when the out camera down I borked after it went past my throat then started borking  your abit when it's going down my into my stomach awfull exerpeiece I would never do it again I am feeling so emotional over it all ☹️

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 Jun 2021 08:05 in response to KHaslam

I know how you feel, you feel so bad when a procedure doesn't work, I was totally out of it after the sedation I had. Hated the spray as I felt like I was choking, I don't remember anything after the injection worked. I would have asked for more sedation but a lot of hospitals don't like doing that. When I had an extremely bad colonoscopy I woke up screaming for them to stop, three times I did this,the pain was awful, they kept topping my sedation up and holding me down, my hand was black and blue, I can't tell you how bad I felt after that, I vowed I'd never have another one. They took 23 biopsies from me, no idea why. The only thing was that I was  glad they finished it as I wouldn't have gone back. I was in for three hours after it, I couldn't waken up and was extremely sick in between times. Some people sail through these procedures and some don't, we are all different. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 Jun 2021 08:28 in response to scones

Never again it was awfull I do wish I was out of it but wasin t well aware of everything that ya the spray made me Bork and choke I had the injection in and didn't work at all so awkard of everything felt like torcher omg no was sounds so bad  I feel traumatised me emotional today like I was yesterday no way wow I wouldn't eva go back to and I deffo ain't I dunno how people sail threw as I didn't  I panicked choked gagged  cryed the lot  ( 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 Jun 2021 08:47 in response to KHaslam

Sorry to hear that, I wonder if your cannula was in correctly, before I had my colonoscopy the nurses tried three times to get mine in and eventually they did but told me not to move my hand. When I went to get it done the doctor put the sedation in and it didn't work, it had dissipated throughout my hand and didn't go into the vein, she had to put it in othe other hand and it worked till I woke up screaming but kept getting put under again. I still have nightmares about it. It's one of these things that will stay with you. I had a gastroscopy and an endoscopy and was well out of it each time, didn't remember a thing and was still groggy when doctor was telling me the results. Do you have to go back to see your gastroenterologist, they are not the best of doctors in my experience, but maybe he could make sure the next time you are well sedated, that's  if you can go through with it again. I hope you get over it, it will take a while to get over that experience. Best wishes

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 Jun 2021 12:32 in response to scones

I ain't sure it was really hurting me my arm still aky todayhage a small bruise of it makes ya think as sadation didn't work at all never again no way asif so scarey it was I can madchen it was scarey as for you to ya ili ain't gotling forgot what happend yesterday was all emotional still feel like it today wish I didn't as I was aware of everything it was brutel well sadated next time don't trust it they prob wount make sure I was well sadated aware of it all canula was pointless thanks you don't think I will get over it still thinning of it all now throat sore and insides feel strange  ☹️ 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

5 Jun 2021 13:41 in response to KHaslam

You should try and do something nice today, take your mind of it. Good luck for the future x

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

12 Jun 2021 18:11 in response to telemando

I had one today without sedation. They refused sedation as no one to pick me up afterwards. I asked about this a week before and was verbally told having a taxi home would be OK. Don't trust receptionists! Anyway don't have a gastroscopy without sedation - it was horrible and painful afterwards. I wished I had gone home instead of having it. 

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Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

20 Jun 2021 23:20 in response to telemando

Hello I have to have gastrostomy every 2 years I've had my 3rd one today ....ask to be sedated every time they talk me out of sedation. don't .wait to be sedated it is horrendous and should not be  allowed with out it.i don't want to scare you I'm not a wuss I like to think but  today being the third time I'm never going through it again without just like to add l the nurses and staff are so lovely, but still ask for sedation. I just wanted to cry after it's very upsetting.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

6 Jul 2021 22:56 in response to Gordon____

I completely agree, and I'm a nurse myself! I went for throat spray only and it was the most traumatic experience I've ever had - worse than childbirth, worse than a colonoscopy.. I was having flashbacks throughout the day and was in tears immediately after! I couldn't tolerate it and I have been booked for another attempt next week but this time with sedation.. I am still extremely nervous about it 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

6 Jul 2021 23:06 in response to Dannii20

Completely agree with you - as soon as I saw the size of the tube while it was resting on the table I panicked.. it is a lot bigger than expected. I had to stop the  doctor on the third attempt and was actually pulling the tube out myself. Found it extremely traumatic for some reason, I have been rebooked to have it with sedation next week but still very nervous 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

6 Jul 2021 23:08 in response to Rachel75

I did cry after mine last week. I couldn't manage it I found it so traumatic. Im rebooked to have it with sedation next week but still very worried x

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

9 Jul 2021 01:08 in response to beccac

 I wanted to give people a little boost to say if the team doing the endoscopy are really good and you know the acutal procedure only lasts about 3-6 minutes, it might not be nearly as bad as you imagine or as many of you have experienced (and I am very sorry that many of you had such bad times.) 

I am someone with a chronic, severe, anxiety disorder with agoragpobia, and I had an endoscopy last week without throat spray and without sedation and I managed.  I have also had an anxiety problem with swallowing since I was ten - got the great old-fashioned name of 'globus hystericus' - so swallowing and gagging is one of my phobias.  How could someone like me do this ?

The team were amazing and talked me through it, reminded me how small a time it was.  I definitely think not seeing the tube helped and I had it inserted through the nose.  I definitely think having down the nose helped hugely rather than through my mouth. 

I didn't want the throat numbing spray because I hate the feeling of not being in control and not feeling myself breathing.  Yes, it is bloody uncomfortable going past the 'swallow' point and I said at that point I wanted it out, but they said very kindlly that now it was passed the worst part. One nurse held my hand literally through the whole thing, and talked me through breathing (I think i mustve made her hand white with how hard I was squeezing it!) You CAN breathe and even swallow and yes it doesn't feel good, but the gagging feeling only lasts over the transfer in and out. It was fast and I could eat and drink six miniutes after as I had had no throat spray and no sedation.  

I have had the midazolam sedation for a colonoscopy and I found that procedure more painful and it took quite a bit longer.


I would strongly suggest people ask the team to talk them through it before hand, and understand how quick it is and that the gagging doesn't last long, focus on slow breathing - ask one of the team to do that with you before hand, and good luck.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

22 Aug 2021 16:42 in response to BubbleBea

I am due to have another endoscopy tomorrow and am dreading it. I had one in 2017 and was completely naive about the procedure. I didn't have the sedative and completely regretted it.  The nurse was like "good man!" I noticed that the majority of people in there were electing to be sedated and I wondered why. When the procedure took place they literally had to hold me down and it was so traumatic.  I was gagging and crying. I was diagnosed with a 3cm hiatus hernia which has been really bad the last few months hence why I am having another endoscopy.  Absolutely no doubt that I will be having the sedative this time. I really hope it goes ok. 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

25 Aug 2021 10:41 in response to Cas-1098

Just in the post op discharge after my first endoscopy. I suffer with anxiety (and not being the bravest man!) and have a certain paranoia over my blood pressure which is probably borderline high, but sky rockets and raises eyebrows in this type of situation. But the whole thing really wasn't too bad at all. I had sedation and spray. I had about 4 people in the room who were all very calm and reassuring. It was about 5 minutes. A bit of gagging when it went in initially but that only lasts a matter of seconds. Once it's in, it feels weird and you definitely want it out, but it doesn't hurt. I'm in an NHS hospital, not private. The care, as ever, is exceptional. They are all really calm and there to reassure and make you as comfortable as possible. I saw a few comments on here saying it's worse than childbirth. Whilst I'm a man so can't comment from first hand experience, my experience of this would suggest it's not even remotely in the same league. I feel embarrassed that I was so worried. I hope that helps anyone about to go through it.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

27 Oct 2021 16:45 in response to hanksy

I had this done yesterday. I opted for the throat spray as I have no one to care for my children afterwards if I have a sedation. I have to say it was the worse experience of my life and I failed to let them complete it, I would never attempt this unsedated and strongly believe they really should never attempt it without sedation .

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

1 Dec 2021 11:19 in response to Nickib81

I wanted to put my experience on this forum, as many of the posts scared the living daylights out of me!

I had a gastroscopy and colonscopy yesterday. I've seen my wife give birth and for me the experiences are incomparable. I would equate my experience yesterday to similar level of pain and discomfort than having a filling done at the dentist.

I found the 24 hour laxitive and fast preparation a little uncomfortable. I also got dehydrated and had a headache most of the day so would like to  stress that drinking lots is really important.

I was very nervous about the gastroscopy in partiular. The thought of someone putting a tube down my throat filled me with fear. I'd never experienced it before.

It helped to tell the doctors and nervous about my anxiety. I chose sedation and would definitely insist on it for the gastroscopy .

Once I was sedated I barely felt the gastroscopy. I was aware of what was going on but very drowsy, I didnt need to breathe slowly or calm myself and I was too drowsy to think clearly (a good thing!).
The colonscopy was pretty straight forward. I had slight pain, but had gas and air on demand which was really helpful.

I recovered quickly aftwards and was fine to drink straight after and eat soon after.

The doctor found a polyp that needs to be removed in a future procedure. I'm really grateful that I could have this procedure as without it, my health would deteriorate.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

11 Dec 2021 19:32 in response to Alex


I'd like to give my experience of it, for what it's worth.

In short, it's nowhere near as bad as I expected.

I chose to have it done without sedation, but had a few tokes of laughing gas before it started.

The procedure happens as follows:

1) They spray the back of your throat with a local anaesthetic. Tastes horrible. If an option, you take 8 deep breathes of nitrous oxide. Lovely stuff, but a very fleeting high.

2) They insert a mouth guard (I bit down on this quite hard while it was happening, would've destroyed the tube and my teeth if it wasn't there).

3) They lube up the tube... And put it down your throat. The tube is thicker than I was expecting. You have to swallow to help it down. You inevitably gag a lot when this is happening.

4) Not really sure about the rest as I had my eyes closed, concentrating on my breathing, trying to dissosiate myself from the reality if what was happening. They look at your oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum.

5) They inflate your stomach with air to have a better look.

6) Once they've looked around, they pull the tube out. It is all over within 5 minutes.


In terms if my experience... It is not pleasant at all, but it is certainly doable without sedation. From what I'd read on here, I was expecting much worse.

You gag a lot, you feel like you're going to throw up. You do throw up (but there is nothing in your stomach to come out).

It's not nice, but it isn't painful, and it's over quickly. If I need to have it done again, I will again chose no sedation. Walking out after 10 mins while everyone else is out if it is a nice feeling, and if you can concentrate on your breathing and go to your happy place, you can get through it easily enough without sedation, and get on with your day.


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

18 Feb 2022 14:13 in response to Gderienzo

I thought I'd add my two pen' orth

Gastroscopy today no sedation just anaesthetic spray 

I was asked to lie down on the examination couch and had my throat sprayed liberally with local anaesthetic. It doesn't taste nice, banana notes at the end. Asked to swallow it. In ten seconds my throat was numb. 
Then turned to my left side. Nurse put a plastic guard in my mouth and she explained that I could easily and should breath through it.  The scope was introduced. I was asked to swallow  it. It's difficult to tell whether you are actually swallowing to be truthful. The procedure felt like I was swallowing a whole boiled sweet but only for an instant. It's unpleasant but not painful. I didn't feel like I was choking and just took deep breaths throughout. 
The scope going into my duodenum certainly felt a little uncomfortable and I could feel something wandering around in my stomach, but again not painful  

Two biopsies taken from my stomach which simply felt like a tug, and the tube was withdrawn 

All in all about three minutes and I watched it all on the screen  

No real side effects later, perhaps a slightly sore throat  

I just wanted to tag this onto the thread. There are so many tales of woe earlier, enough to frighten anybody, so I thought I'd try to redress the balance.  I did my research  I knew what to expect so I wasn't frightened of the procedure  


Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

24 Feb 2022 21:45 in response to telemando

I had a gastroscopy a few weeks ago & had sedation which in my opinion was the way to go. I also had the throat spray. It was all over in no time so I would say the waiting is the worse. I don't remember too much which is probably due to the sedation. I do remember how lovely the staff all were & how they put me at my ease. Please don't worry about it, It'll be fine 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

17 May 2022 20:56 in response to telemando

Hi, I had a gastroscopy yesterday. I was extremely anxious having read some of the posts on these forums. I wanted to write this to put anyone else's mind at ease that may be due this procedure. Firstly I'm petrified of needles so I opted NOT to have sedation. I had throat spray and gas / air. Throat spray is absolutely fine, strange taste but really not that bad. Numbs the throat area nicely. Gas / air relaxes you just before the scope is inserted. The examination was over in minutes and I can honestly say if I were to require another one I would opt to have it again without sedation. There was no pain, no faffing with cannulas, I was going home within 10 minutes of getting out of the examination room. I hardly felt the tube once inserted, gagged once or twice when I caught a glimpse of the screen and the biopsies being taken because it didn't look pleasant. No gagging at the point of it passing into throat area which I was surprised about. 

Could breathe absolutely fine throughout, no choking sensation (which is a phobia or mine due to suffering anxiety / panic attacks for years). I don't have a sore throat but I will mention that I have had some chest pain when swallowing since the procedure. This has eased but I'm popping to the GP to rule out any issues. 

The reason for the gastroscopy was due to swallowing problems. Dr said all looked fine upon initial examination and results from upper biopsies will be back in a few weeks. 

Please, please do not worry about having this done! It's honestly not bad. I wish I hadn't gotten so worked up in the lead up to this examination as there really is no need. I really don't believe sedation is necessary and I'm a complete baby! Good luck to anyone else due to have this done.

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

6 Jun 2022 19:35 in response to Liss2222

Hi I'm having a Gastroscopy on Friday this week and although I'm anxious about the procedure I'm petrified of the results. I have watched both my mum and sister go through Cancer and both passed away after having treatment. I can't help thinking of the worse outcome. My dad passed away in January,dementia related, and I have a mentally handicapped sister that can't lose another member of her family. I had Covid for the second time just before Easter and since then I've had a cough, neck pain,  feels like I have something stuck in my throat, swallowing is uncomfortable, had stomach pains today and feel nauseas but that maybe because I'm very anxious. I went to the doctors last week to have a mole checked and thought would just mention the pain in my neck which is my worst symptom and now booked in for Gastroscopy. Sorry just needed to get my worries written down! Liss did the Dr tell you at the time of the examination the results? You mentioned biopsies back within a few weeks, hope all ok with you, 

Gastroscopy - sedation or not?

15 Jun 2022 16:54 in response to wasabi66

Sorry to hear of your loss. I can imagine it's an extremely stressful time for you. My GP hasn't had any further results back from the hospital other than an update on how the procedure went. I spoke with my GP who said to call the hospital directly or wait a few weeks. I'm just assuming that it can't be anything serious as I'm sure I'd have had those results by now. Hope all went well for you with the procedure.